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Busy Lamp Field field Cloud PBX feature offers easy call status indication for all

Busy Lamp Field field Cloud PBX feature offers easy call status indication for all

A number of VoIP phones and softphones offer Busy Lamp Field (BLF) status indicators which show when the phone is in use. Not only do we offer a variety of BLF supported devices through our Yay.com VoIP Phone Store, but Hosted VoIP users can now also benefit from this useful device feature via their Cloud PBX user Dashboard.

Working in a busy office environment, or just in different locations sometimes means that it can be difficult to keep track of who is on a call and when. This is invaluable information for both receptionists and managers alike, especially when employees and colleagues are out of view. Although without using Busy Lamp Field indicators, this can be a near impossible task at times.

Navigating to the SIP Device Users area within the Yay.com user Cloud PBX Dashboard will quickly show who is available, who is on a phone call and whose phone is ringing. A quick glance at the colour-coded traffic light system means that it takes no time at all to determine the status of a call line. When used in conjunction with a handset that supports BLF, it is even possible to transfer calls to different extensions at the press of the designated Busy Lamp Field light/button. No more need to put calls on hold and race round the office, only to witness the intended call recipient picking up another call.

With Cloud PBX BLF, businesses will have greater visibility of their phone systems and employee activity. It is ideal for ensuring smooth operation, call management, and communication with colleagues throughout the working day, as well as encouraging more fluent interaction with your business' clients and customers.

Start using BLF to effectively monitor calls with real time user statuses in an instant today.

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