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How To Deploy the Yay.com Apps

How To Deploy the Yay.com Apps


Installing the Yay.com Apps

Welcome to Yay.com! In this user guide, we’ll get you to grips with the Yay.com phone system mobile and desktop apps. In the vast majority of cases, this is as simple as inputting the mobile number and/or email address of your employee into their respective Yay.com user and hitting Invite. For the rare cases where you do have to troubleshoot something, this guide is here to help.





Mobile / Desktop App Deployment

Step One

From the Yay.com dashboard, head to the apps page. Here, you will find blank fields for both mobile number and email address for each of your users1.



Step Two

By populating these fields and clicking the ‘Invite All’ link on the right, SMS and email invites will be sent out to your users.

If your account is new, these are unlikely to have been populated yet. If you have many users, the fastest way to populate these fields for fast, en masse deployment is to export your user data (via the ‘Users’ tab), open it in a spreadsheet and copy these details across2 before reimporting the details with newly populated phone and email address fields.




If you have relatively few users, feel free to enter these details manually.


Step Three

Once all of your invite fields have been populated and you’ve clicked the ‘Invite All’ button at the top right, your employees can accept the invite(s) from their personal devices, download the apps, and sign in3.


Mobile App

The SMS invite will invite the individual to download the Yay.com app and, simultaneously, will link the input phone number with the Yay user.



In-app, when the individual enters a mobile number recognised by our database as ‘invited’, our platform will link that app instance with the associated User.




Anyone can disconnect their user-app link and change user either through the app itself, by heading to Settings > Reset App (see our FAQ), or from the Yay.com dashboard with the ‘Disconnect’ button next to the mobile number.





Desktop App

Step One

For the desktop app, open your email client and click the link to activate your desktop app.




Step Two

Enter your name and a password (this will be your desktop app password going forward) and you will be directed to the web app.




Step Three

If you have not already done so, download the Yay desktop app from our websites.



If you’re the Yay.com account holder, you will not be able to send an invite to the same email address you use to log in to your Yay.com account because our database already recognises your login credentials. You can, however, still use these credentials to log in to the desktop app. Since you are logging in with the master account credentials, you will be able to present as any user you like.




Welcome to Yay.com

That’s it! It really is as easy as inputting your employees’ email addresses and mobile numbers into the respective fields and hitting ‘Invite All’. We hope you and your business enjoy using Yay.com and the powerful features it has to offer. If you’d like any more help getting started, call our friendly customer support team on 0330 122 6000 any time 07:00-22:00 UTC, or head over to our FAQs or search through our blog posts for more information.




1IMPORTANT: In order for us to know to link a particular app instance with a particular Yay.com user in your Yay account, we use this invite method. It is, therefore, imperative that your employees log in to the app after receiving an invite and not before. Failing to follow this advice will result in the creation and linking of a trial account to the mobile app instance, so this user won’t be connected to the rest of your team.

2NOTE: you may need your company’s resident spreadsheet wizard to do this for you, as the order of employees in your Employee Details spreadsheet is unlikely to be the same as that in your exported Yay.com User spreadsheet, resulting in a lot of manual work if you do not leverage your spreadsheet software’s function capabilities.

3Signing in with the mobile app is not necessary. The mobile app will automatically log you in as the invited Yay user. NB the Yay mobile app will be locked to a specific user until it is reset. It is not possible to log in as multiple users from a single mobile app, nor is it currently possible to access the locked user from an app on another device: the device and user are both locked together until the app is reset.

4NB: you can launch the web app anytime from https://yay.app. The web app shares the same look and functionality as the desktop app, so which you use is a matter of preference.

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