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How call forwarding can improve customer experience

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How call forwarding can improve customer experience

Whether you are a restaurant, estate agent or part of a busy sales team, with a VoIP phone system, there are numerous call forward features that can benefit the businesses utilising them. Also, and very importantly, these features have numerous benefits for clients and customers calling these phone numbers too.

Keep in touch whatever the time of day

With smart call routing, your business calls can be forwarded to whatever device you want, whether mobile phone, desktop computer or tablet, at whatever time you decide. This is especially useful if you have clients based around the world who need to contact you or your business after typical office hours. For the caller, maintaining a full round the clock service can make them feel special or valued.

Forward calls to the right department

Conditional call forwarding makes it possible to send calls to specific extensions, departments or groups. This can be based on the phone number the caller has dialled or if combined with an IVR (touch tone menu options) on the call route, determined by the option selected. Ensuring the caller gets to speak to the right person to help them within the quickest possible time will aid customer satisfaction.

Keep on-hold times to a minimum

Keep your callers happy with shorter call wait times. I don’t know anyone who is a fan of waiting on-hold, no matter what the hold music, so keeping this down to a minimum is sure to be a positive step. This goes hand in hand with forwarding calls to the right person.

Let customers pick their destination

I touched on the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature briefly. Letting customers pick which department their call is routed to helps them feel like they are maintaining a sense of control of the situation. If they are calling with a query or issue, it is important that they do not feel like they are swimming against a tide of being passed from department to department.

Forwarding calls to voicemail

If there is an instance where you just can’t get to the phone, having a call forward to a voicemail ensures that at least your clients can leave a message, rather than just being left on dead air. Recording a personalised message that reflects your business can even help solidify your brand in your customer’s eyes.

Don’t leave them hanging when your store is closed

In cases where your bricks and mortar store is closed for the day and you can’t answer the phone but would prefer customers not leave a message, make sure you forward the calls to an out of hours message. While your caller may disappointed that your shop is closed at lease they can have confidence that you are a professional operation.

These are just a few ways in which call forwarding, when combined with a leading edge VoIP phone system can help to increase customer satisfaction. Make sure you check out the other numerous features possible via hosted VoIP, which are sure to keep both you, and your clients, smiling.



Posted by Adrian

Digital Marketing at Yay.com

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