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Mobile business phone systems, VoIP

Mobile business phone systems, VoIP

With our VoIP phone system it's super-easy to make cheap voice calls wherever you go. All you need is a connection to the internet, typically via Wi-Fi, a softphone app and a mobile device such as a tablet or phone.

How does VoIP work to make you more mobile?

VoIP works by sending voice data over an Internet or wifi connection instead of using ageing traditional analogue landlines which are usually constrained by bricks and mortar buildings. Making calls via the Internet means you are no longer limited to a single room, office or even building. Utilising VoIP software or smart call diverts allows you to receive business calls wherever you are.

Smart Call Forwarding for flexibility

Never miss an office call again by having your virtual business phone number follow you wherever you go. This can be an effective solution if you work remotely or want to keep track of your calls when you're on vacation.

Powerful call divert features are located within our cloud PBX dashboard and effectively enable your business line to follow you wherever you have an internet connection - from home to hotels, using call forwarding or app calling. Configuration is easy and can be set up within a matter of minutes.

Mobile VoIP apps

Downloading a VoIP app to your mobile device is another option should you want a flexible way to receive voice calls. Our hosted VoIP service works with all the latest softphone apps. Alternatively, part of our VoIP phone system includes a WebPhone which enables calls to be made via the latest web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Cheap VoIP calls to international locations

With a number of different VoIP call options, we can provide you with affordable phone calls to a number of countries around the world, from India to Iceland. Make calls to landline or mobile for a fraction of the price it costs to call your next door neighbour. Very useful should you have clients or contacts based around the world who you are in touch with regularly.

How to get started with mobile VoIP?

To get started with our hosted VoIP service, all you need to do is choose one of our tailor-made plans, pick your dedicated virtual phone number and start making and receiving calls. 

Once you have purchased your hosted VoIP call plan, you can either find a softphone that you like and download it to your mobile device, find a VoIP desk phone for your home or office, or use our WebPhone. Benefit from affordable calling today. Setup is instant and you won't need any engineers or technical knowledge to get started. So choose us as your VoIP provider and make your business more mobile today.

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