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Enhance team performance with Wallboard Statistics

Enhance team performance with Wallboard Statistics

Keeping track of your inbound calls can often be a daunting task, which is why Yay.com introduced Wallboard Statistics, which is available with our Enterprise plan. Customers can create their own bespoke wallboards which can be accessed by a custom URL, ready to view on the spot and even broadcast onto displays in the office. In conjunction with our Call Queuing feature, we have developed an entirely new way to enhance your customer experience as well as motivating your team to answer every call that comes in to maximise customer contact.

We had strong demand from our customers for a feature that allowed our account holders to review and monitor how their inbound calls were received, and Wallboards allow them to do just that. A more detailed view of their inbound statistics makes for easy moderation, management, and overview of your team’s calls. We’ve received tons of feedback since implementation, and have seen the Wallboards put into practice in the following scenarios:

Encouraging Sales Teams

Whilst a wallboard is not a replacement for effective management it can certainly help to keep a team motivated and on task, especially for a high paced sales environment! One of the most requested uses of the wallboard is to show the average calls taken per team member each day and the amount of time on the phone. This will help you and your team reflect on good and bad sales days, notice patterns in the number of calls being taken and monitor approaching sales targets.

Support Team Collaboration

A support team needs to work closely together to ensure they are able to manage their workload and provide the best possible service to your customers. Wallboards can be set to show important information happening right now, such as the queue, but also positives such as KPI-related information that users or managers might be targeted on. With Yay.com this will include information such as abandoned calls and average wait time and allows managers to grasp key information as they “walk the floor” instead of when they are sitting at their desk so that they can act/react accordingly and ensure agents are wrapping up their tasks and making themselves available to support the next customer.

Empowering Large Teams

We have had enquiries from account holders of larger teams that conduct different tasks, and now offer the flexibility to run multiple call queues together, publicly displaying information regarding different teams statistics. This has proved helpful when you have the same support team taking calls to multiple numbers. Feedback from our customers and even our own support teams show the Wallboard feature can empower staff to stay motivated (rather than it coming from management) and maintain that excellent level of customer service we all know they can achieve.

In today’s day and age, with people spending more and more time in front of screens, we have also developed a ‘dark mode’, allowing full flexibility and viewing for different office settings and hope to see more enhancements and themes added in the future as we grow and develop more ways for our users to manage their calls.

  • Choose from dark Wallboard themes

    dark theme wallboard
  • Or light themes to suit your needs

    light theme wallboard

If you think wallboards would be something that could help you and your team manage inbound calls and you wish to discuss further contact us, and we will be more than happy to run through our additional Enterprise features, as well as help you determine which layout and call queue would be most beneficial to you. If you are not already a Yay.com customer, enjoy a free trial and see how our VOIP system can help you make your communication cheaper and easier.

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