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VoIP Phone System for Sales and Recruitment

VoIP Phone System for Sales and Recruitment


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Quick Summary

Making calls is integral to the success of any sales or recruitment team. Learn how Yay.com an facilitate this success!

Making calls is integral to the success of any sales team; outbound calls form the foundation, but most companies also invest in marketing to drive customers to them. Whether one or both of these forms the foundation of your business’ sales strategy, you need a phone system that won’t let you down when all of that hard work begins paying off.

Yay.com offers a powerful, contract-free VoIP phone system and unified communications service to businesses throughout the UK and worldwide. Sales teams in particular love what we do and some of our Enterprise plan features are incredibly well suited for teams with a performance focus that make a lot of outbound calls. Below we discuss a selection of these.

If you'd like to learn more about VoIP before we get started, checking out our comprehensive guide on what VoIP is, how it works and how you can get started with it.

Call Statistics and Wallboards

Yay.com’s Enterprise plan customers unlock our wallboard and call statistics features. Of great utility to sales teams, wallboards and outbound statistics make keeping track of call-related metrics an effortless, automated process.


Yay.com’s inbound and outbound wallboards bring at-a-glance call metric tracking to your business


In busy sales or recruitment environments, it can be useful to keep track of how members of staff are performing against various KPIs throughout the day, without having to break the workflow and ask for a verbal report.

At a glance, our Statistics Wallboards show you which members of staff are excelling, as well as which might need a little extra attention. Colour-coded actual-versus-targeted metrics such as total calls made, total call duration, average call duration and other metrics are available in a number of different ‘views’, or layouts, according to what you feel best fits your needs.

If you have some more inbound-centric departments, such as support teams, then these will benefit more from a wallboard display of inbound call statistics. These are available too! Just select an inbound or outbound wallboard type during creation.

Call Statistics

Real-time statistics feeds are excellent whilst you’re in the trenches, but when it’s time to step back and take stock, more traditional reporting is in order.

This is where our Outbound Statistics Reports come in. From your Yay.com dashboard, you’ll be able to download reports with flexible configuration options including date range and time, as well as which staff members you want statistics reported for.

Reports can be scheduled and emailed at intervals to as many email addresses as you’d like with our Report Scheduling feature. Just select the members of staff for whom you want reporting, specify report frequency and delivery time and, finally, give the email address(es) you’d like the reports sent to.

Call Recording

With Yay.com call recording, you can widen your margin for error and shorten the learning curve for new staff.

Sales calls can be delicate. Damaging hard-built rapport with your lead could mean the difference between making the sale and leaving defeated. Mistakes happen and crucial information can be lost. With our Enterprise plan, Yay.com customers can take advantage of unlimited call recording and detailed call logging.

With the power to listen back to any call, you can get the edge over your competitors. Accurately appraise just how receptive the other side was to your sales pitch before a callback to plan your approach in a more intelligent, informed way or, if you missed or forgot a key piece of information the first time, you can re-listen to the call to make sure you’ve got it right. Perhaps your lead mentioned an upcoming birthday, or that their daughter was getting married next week. Such details are important ammunition for the experienced sales professional and, with unlimited call recording, you need never miss such details again.

Moreover, Yay.com’s call recording feature is a massive help when it comes to training new staff. With a library of sales calls at your disposal and with knowledge of the ultimate outcome (success or failure) of each (series of) call(s), you can lead your new members of staff through the winning sales process from start to finish, without adding the additional pressure of live-listening to your best performers.

No Line Limit

As a modern VoIP provider, with Yay.com there’s no limit to the number of concurrent calls you can have at once. There are no limits to the number of caller IDs your staff members can call out from, either, or how many can call out from the same ID simultaneously. Just send us a few documents providing proof of ownership and we’ll add that number to your list of available caller IDs.

If you’d prefer, you can port some or all of your owned phone numbers over to Yay.com to keep all of your phone-related business under one roof - and to make your accounting easier!

A VoIP Solution for Sales and Recruitment

These are just some of the powerful business VoIP features that Yay.com offers. For sales, recruitment and any other industries where tracking call-related metrics is a crucial part of doing business, Yay.com has the best tools to boost your business performance to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more about our business phone system offerings, you can compare voice plans or speak to an advisor at 0330 122 6000 for a more personal look into the ways we can help you and your business progress.

VoIP Phone System for Sales and Recruitment

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Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service
ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service