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New phone number presentation and inbound Caller ID options

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New phone number presentation and inbound Caller ID options

Here at Yay.com we are pleased to announce two new Cloud PBX updates for the presentation of phone numbers for inbound Caller IDs.

The first of our updated Call Route options enables you to present either your inbound Caller ID phone number only, or where supported by the phone, both your Caller ID number and the Call Route name. If you have multiple bands operating out of the same office, this can be especially useful when answering calls.

The second update to our Call Route feature is also specific to incoming calls. We have now enabled an option to show which of your phone numbers is being called, rather than presenting you with the telephone number of the incoming caller.

This is especially useful if you run many different businesses within your building, if you have numerous different phone numbers going to your office or are forwarding calls to a mobile phone. It ensures a quick and easy way of visually identifying which of your phone numbers or businesses is being called. So by turning this option on, you can be double sure you and your employees can provide the appropriate greeting for all incoming calls.

These feature updates are all free to use with our VoIP service. For all Yay.com users, these options are available within the online Dashboard. Look for the Call ID Type dropdown and the Caller ID Number dropdown within the Call Routes section of all VoIP accounts.

If you’re not yet using the Yay.com VoIP service, try a free 30 day free VoIP trial with free UK phone number included. Existing users can login and set up these number presentation features now.

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1 All 01, 02 & 03 numbers. Off peak is 7pm - 7am weekdays & all weekend. All major UK & EU operators. 0845 and other premium or mobile operators may vary. Please use the number search to be absolutely certain of the cost that your call will incur. Unlimited EU calling is available to all major landline and mobile network operators in the European Union with the exception of Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Fair usage terms apply.

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