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Phone Number Transfers Temporarily Delayed

Phone Number Transfers Temporarily Delayed

BT Openreach Puts Temporary Hold on Number Transfers

BT Openreach has implemented a temporary hold on all phone number transfer services due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting capacity limitations on their side. Unfortunately, this affects us and our customers who wish to transfer their phone numbers to us.

BT Openreach is the overruling Range Holder for nearly all UK phone numbers, whether they are your current provider or not. Therefore, if you have an ongoing or planned number port to Yay.com, the port will likely be affected if your number is:

- Currently provided by BT,

- Was originally provided by BT (The large majority),

-Is provided by a BT reseller.

But I’m not a BT customer

Once a phone number is allocated to a Range Holder, the Range Holder for that number never changes. If the phone number is subsequently ported to another provider, the Current Provider changes, but the Range Holder does not. The Range Holder must approve any subsequent port (sub-port) requested for one of its numbers and, since BT Openreach is the original Range Holder for so many phone numbers, if they close porting services, they impact nearly all phone number transfers to and from Yay.com, as well as other services nationwide.

We understand that this is frustrating, especially at a time when we know our customers need flexibility and would like to assure you that we are ready and waiting to expedite your number transfers as soon as the porting suspension is released by BT. Please do feel free to submit your number transfer requests as normal, but please be aware that, for most numbers, this may only be possible once BT Openreach resumes normal operation.

Here at Yay.com, we are lucky to be able to operate at full capacity, even with the majority of our staff working remotely. By the grace of our own platform, our staff continue to work around the clock (and around the country!) to meet your needs however we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, our friendly support team are always happy to answer any further questions.

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