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A Business Phone System for Accountancy Firms

A Business Phone System for Accountancy Firms


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Quick Summary

‘Contract-free with powerful business phone system features, Yay.com represents a powerful option for accounting firms worldwide. Learn more here.’

Since our featured advertisement in the Federation of Small Businesses Magazine, accounting firms throughout the UK have been choosing Yay.com as their VoIP provider of choice.

Yay.com commonly hears back from its customers that the platform is simple and easy to use. This is entirely by design. As busy professionals, you shouldn’t have to become business phone system experts as well as accounting experts. It’s our job to deliver to you a system that is easy to configure and tweak whilst requiring minimal maintenance from yourselves.

In this article, we will discuss some of the powerful VoIP features Yay.com offers that make Yay.com an excellent prospect for any accounting firm, no matter its location worldwide.


Yay.com believes that its customers should stay with us out of choice, rather than obligation. With our subscription-based service model, there will be no multi-year contract locking you into business with us. If you’re ever unhappy with the service, you can leave at any time.


Not only does this keep us honest and focused on consistently providing the best experience possible to our customers, but it makes for a very low-risk time investment on the part of the businesses who come on board with us.

There’s nothing stopping you from trying our service for a month and shopping around during that time to see if you can find a better deal or a provider you prefer. We’re betting you don’t. We’re confident enough in our product to leave the door open for you at all times. Find out why by signing up for a free 14-day trial, or read on to learn more.

Call Recording

Invaluable for accounting teams large and small is our call recording feature. With our business VoIP Enterprise plan, you have unlimited call recording capabilities and your account will hold these recordings indefinitely

What is VoIP?

Calls are automatically recorded and saved to your account by default. What’s more, you can link your cloud storage service of choice for auto-backups of all of these recorded files. Our call recording feature isn’t just powerful. It’s flexible too. Call recording can be paused or enabled mid-call and your account holder can exercise granular control by disabling/enabling call recording permissions user-by-user.

Call recording makes frantic note-taking during a crucial phone call a thing of the past. Focus all your energy on landing that important client or account, then listen back to your conversation later to remind yourself of the details.

For those unfortunate incidents where you have a difficult or dishonest client, you have all of the evidence you could need ready to go. Though we can’t offer any legal advice on how you should use this feature, it’s easy to see its massive utility for any serious business.


Conference Call Facility

Flexible and dynamic conference calls are available for Flying High and Enterprise plan customers. Enabling and boosting collaboration amongst teams, conference bridging is an essential feature for any business serious about enabling remote working, or about bringing ease of collaboration to its staff in general.

Staff members from different departments in different buildings can meet and collaborate without barriers, using Yay.com’s conference bridge feature to keep business moving no matter where they are.

Custom Audio

Custom audio files can be uploaded and used as personalised voicemail messages or queue notices so that your customers feel valued and informed.

After all, if customers were waiting to be served in your place of business, they would have no doubt as to where they are. Why should waiting in a call queue be any different?

Custom Audio represents an oft-missed opportunity to solidify your brand and add a personal touch for your customers and clients. Take advantage of this Yay.com feature and see the gap widen between you and your competitors.

Custom Audio

Virtual Phone Numbers and Alternative Caller ID

Of course, you’ll be able to port any numbers you already own across to Yay.com but, if you’d prefer to leave them where they are, you can take advantage of our Alternative Caller ID feature. Just prove that you own a number and we’ll make it available in your list of possible caller IDs, so you can appear to be calling out from any number you own.

Yay.com also have thousands of business phone numbers available for you to use. Add as many UK, US and European phone numbers as you’d like onto your monthly plan and they’ll be added to your account and list of possible Caller IDs, ready for you to call our from or to assign them to a call route of your choice.

Increased Efficiency

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, a Yay.com VoIP phone system will help you and your staff perform more efficiently. Our platform can both increase client data yield and, with our CRM integrations, save you time on the entry of that data.

Meanwhile, other features like voicemail-to-text will perform a similar function, increasing data yield and automating the data-entry process.

What’s more, all of these features come at a lower cost than a traditional analogue phone system whilst delivering higher quality calls and better reliability, resulting in both a better experience for your clients and customers and increased uptime.


Fax to Email

If you’re an accounting firm that still receives fax, you can take advantage of our Fax-to-Email call routing module.

With this module, you can assign a phone number for receiving fax messages. Within your Yay.com account, you’ll also be able to authorise an email address to send fax messages to other fax machines.

Although it’s old fashioned technology, fax is still widely used, especially by large, well-established businesses. Some providers don’t provide this kind of backwards compatibility, removing them from the race for accounting firms that require this feature.

But Yay.com has you covered; you can continue to correspond with businesses for whom fax is still an integral communications channel.


With its powerful VoIP phone system features and honest, no-strings approach to doing business, Yay.com represents the obvious choice for accounting firms throughout the UK and overseas. As the influx of business since our feature in the Federation of Small Businesses magazine has shown, Yay.com is fast becoming the UK’s VoIP provider of choice.

A Business Phone System for Accountancy Firms

Article By

Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service
ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service