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Business VoIP call recording for training employees

Business VoIP call recording for training employees


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Quick Summary

Find out how you can use our value-added hosted VoIP features, such as call monitoring and recording, to support your staff training.

Here at Yay.com, we offer a variety of value-added business call features as part of our VoIP phone system. The call monitoring and recording options in particular can really assist with elevating your team to greater heights. Keep reading for the lowdown on how these features can help you support and train your teams.

What is call recording and monitoring?

There are three main features that make up the bulk of the call monitoring. These include the call monitor feature, call whisper and the join/barge feature. Joining these, call recording is a value-added bonus that can help with your office training too.

Monitoring: Call monitoring grants the ability to listen to incoming and outgoing phone calls without being heard by the other caller. This real-time feature enables easy on-the-phone listening as well as reassurance for managers that agents can ably handle incoming callers. This is especially effective for monitoring employee performance and customer service levels. For new hires, this gives you the option of letting them listen to live phone calls to get a handle on how to deal with callers.

Whisper: If you've ever been in the situation where you're new in the role and find yourself on the receiving end of a difficult conversation or caller, you'll know how reassuring it is to receive a gentle word of support or advice from a manager. Call whispering offers assistance when employees need it. This feature affords you the option to speak to employees on the phone without the other caller hearing, essentially letting you 'whisper in the ear' of your employee.

Join/Barge: Call Joining is the superhero feature of the monitor, whisper and join trio. It's a real rescue ranger. As the name suggests, with call join, managers can jump into phone conversations in real-time. Again if taking a particularly difficult call, or if an employee is struggling, this feature allows you to speak to both the caller and the employee. When used in conjunction with the call monitoring feature, it's possible to gain context of the conversation prior to joining, plus the caller won't have to repeat or explain themselves for a second time either.

Call Recording: Recorded calls can be downloaded or played via your web browser instantly. This can be useful if you need to listen back to or review a call. This can also be valuable for reviewing or assessing staff members. To give new starters a better feel for how to tackle calls, you might even choose to let them listen to recordings of some of your best-performing workers. Listening back to their own calls can also be really beneficial for identifying areas for improvement or excellence.

Who can use these VoIP call features?

These call features aren't just limited to coaching new employees but are supremely useful for existing staff too. If your company has had a rebrand or changed the company sales message, they can be practical tools for ensuring agents stay on-message.

Specific custom permission levels can also be attached to all call monitoring options. So if you only want certain employees to be able to listen to calls, you can make it so. Likewise, if certain management-level employees regularly handle sensitive calls, you can ensure that it's never possible for their calls to be joined or listened to. Inhabiting different offices or working in other countries is never a barrier to training either, as control for all features can be accessed remotely via the online Cloud PBX dashboard.

All in all, and there's no need to whisper it, these are training features that are definitely worth shouting about.

If you've yet to sample hosted VoIP, you can try our call recording and monitoring features via a Free VoIP trial today.

Business VoIP call recording for training employees

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Adrian - Digital Marketing at Yay.com


Digital Marketing at Yay.com

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service