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Real-time call monitoring, the benefits

Real-time call monitoring, the benefits

From wallboards offering call statistics through to call recording and call whispering, real-time call monitoring can offer real benefits in terms of managing staff and enhancing your customer experiences. You can use a variety of business phone system features to gain a greater understanding of your teams and their interactions with your callers.

Help Identify Areas Of Staff Improvement

Call histories can offer further insight in terms of call lengths and amount of time your agents spend on the phone. For example, this detail can show if your sales agents are taking too long on calls, or not spending enough time on them. Call recordings can also help identify what the issues or situations are that tend to slow your agents down. In turn this can all help identify areas where call handling and training can be improved for staff.

Keeping a library of call recordings on-hand which feature examples of best practices can be useful too. They can be used as reference material for staff when tackling similar recurring encounters and also as reference points for new employees in training.

Listening to your new starter’s calls in real time can also offer the opportunity to correct any potential bad practices at an early stage.

Easier Staff Planning

Wallboard call statistics can provide an overview of busiest call times over a variety of different durations such as hourly, daily and monthly spans. Knowing which times your phones will be busiest and quietest can help you plan when you need employees in the office and when you don’t.

Productivity Improvements

Making your KPIs visible through on-screen Wallboard statistics can encourage greater productivity in your business. If employees know what performance indicators the team is working towards such as number of daily successfully answered calls or time spent by callers in queues, then this in turn can increase productivity.

Likewise, leaderboards and KPIs can provide your team with some friendly competition and help boost morale as well.

Increased Caller Satisfaction

Real-time call monitoring can offer you real insight into aspects of your agent interactions, including things like learning what language top performing agents use when conversing with callers. Your agents are the face and voice of your company, so refinement and reflection on caller interactions can really aid more efficient and helpful responses. In turn you will hopefully find that this all makes for happier customers for you!

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