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Yay Softphone App Features

Yay Softphone App Features


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Quick Summary

Learn about the Yay.com softphone VoIP apps and their features.

If you’re new to Yay.com, there’s a high chance that you’re using either our mobile or desktop VoIP apps to help you work remotely. Following on from our posts on the softphone technology of our VoIP apps and how to deploy them, today we’ll be showing you some of the most useful in-app features for you to take advantage of.

Hold * For Shortcodes

With Yay.com, you can make use of shortcodes to take any of a huge number of quick-actions from right within the dial-pad. Actions you can initiate with shortcodes include, but are not limited to:

  • Picking up parked calls, or parking a call you’re currently on into one of five parking ‘slots’.
  • Instantly modifying your caller ID for an outgoing call.
  • Toggling call queue availability.
  • Listen/whisper/join a colleague’s call.

If at any time you want to see a complete list of shortcodes[1] and the actions assigned to them, simply hold the * key from the dial-pad.

Mobile App

  • You can toggle this setting on and off with the following instructions:
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right to access Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom to see the setting, ‘Long press ‘*’ to show shortcodes’.
  • Toggle this on and head back to the keypad.
  • Holding the * star/asterisk key will now bring up a list of shortcodes.


Desktop App

The same setting can be toggled on the desktop app by:

  • Clicking the gear icon on the left
  • Then, Short Codes.


Caller ID Selection

So long as you can prove that you own a number, we’ll add this number to your account for use as a caller ID. Perhaps you own multiple businesses, all with their own phone numbers, and often need to call out presenting as the recognised number for a particular company. You can do this without ever leaving the softphone app.

Mobile App

  • Tap the gear icon in the top right to access the Settings menu.
  • Under Call Settings, tap Caller ID.
  • Tap the desired number to set as your default caller ID.


Desktop App

Caller ID is available from right within the dialler tab, above the dial-pad:

  • Click the field for a dropdown selection of all your available caller IDs.
  • You can also adjust this by heading to Settings → Outbound Calls → My Caller ID.


Set DND but Allow Internal Calls

For those situations where you still want to be available to your colleagues but are getting deep into the flow of writing an article or creating the ultimate monthly report, you can set your app to do not disturb and, from there, toggle your availability for receiving calls from colleagues.

Mobile App

  • Tap the gear icon at the top right.
  • Toggle Do Not Disturb.
  • The greyed out option below, ‘Allow Internal Calls’, will become available once DND is activated.


Desktop App

  • Click the gear icon for ‘Settings’ on the left
  • Then, ‘Inbound Calls’.


Long Press ‘Hold’ to Park Call

You can ‘park’ a call in a parking ‘slot’, ready for any other member of the team to pick up with a shortcode. This means you never have to transfer a call on hold to another member of the team. Simply park them in a slot, inform your colleague, and they can pick up the caller from that parking slot using the slot’s shortcode.

Mobile App

  • From the mobile app’s on-call screen, tap and hold the hold icon.
  • The call will be sent to the first empty parking slot in numerical order, moving from slot 1 down to slot 5.
  • By default, the shortcodes for these are *11 - *15 for parking slots 1-5.


Desktop App

The process for the desktop app is the same:

  • Hold-click the hold icon to park the call.
  • Use the keyboard or mouse to dial a shortcode to pick up the parked call.
  • Alternatively, hold-click the asterisk / star * icon to bring up a list of shortcodes.
  • From here, click the desired shortcode to populate the dial field with it and then click the green ‘begin call’ icon.

Upcoming Features

Evolving from VoIP provider to Unified Communications provider, Yay.com's new in-app chat feature is currently in the internal testing phase and we anticipate an official release before the end of the year. Expect to be able to instantly message anyone in your team from a secure environment; create team groups; start message threads and send images and videos for collaboration. All of this will be possible from the desktop or mobile hub you already use to initiate calls to colleagues, customers and clients, resulting in a unified communications solution for you and your business. Stay tuned for more information on our in-app chat features and when you can expect an official release.


[1] Your shortcodes can be configured online in your Yay.com dashboard. Head to Voice → Config → Shortcodes

Yay Softphone App Features

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Content Manager at Yay.com

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