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The Yay Softphone Apps.  A Technological Advantage.

The Yay Softphone Apps. A Technological Advantage.


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Here's why our desktop and mobile softphone apps are the perfect fit for you and your business.

Yay and Your Business, The Perfect Fit

Our desktop and mobile VoIP apps were developed and designed with one aim in mind: to bring our customers a means of communication a step up from anything else on the market. Modern and sophisticated audio codecs bring you higher quality calls with the lowest possible signal strength requirement, allowing you to make your calls in crisp, HD audio from locations where this was previously impossible. What's more, the latest in communications protocols is employed to preserve mobile device battery life and to contain mobile data usage.

Our apps’ tight integration with the powerful and entirely proprietary Yay.com platform ensures that you have full access to your VoIP phone system features whether you’re working on the go or need to be at your most productive and professional from your laptop home workstation. Our mobile and desktop apps are just one of many strengths making Yay.com the easy choice.

Ease of Use

Anyone who has ever had to configure and set up a VoIP phone knows that it is not a two-step process. A single character out of place or missing as you copy across your SIP username and password will leave your SIP phone unresponsive or unusable, whilst an attempt to transition from office to remote working is often frustrated by home router configuration. This multi-configuration, multi-layered, many-step process is a tangle. SIP issues are many and varied and honest efforts to solve them often lead to further frustration.

You just want to communicate. To be instantly connected with your staff and your customers. To have a phone system that just works, and we understand that. That’s why our apps require zero configuration. An easy SMS or email invite sent from your Yay.com dashboard, as well as an app download and sign-in, are all that’s required for you and your staff to get right down to making calls. Continue making calls with your favourite headset just as you would at the office - simply link the headset to the app via Bluetooth, or plug into your PC for immediate use with our desktop app. And, if you’re just coming on board with us, import your staff contact details in bulk for an en masse app rollout - your entire company can be configured to make business calls within minutes.

Efficiency through simplicity. Our apps just work.

A Technological Advantage

We know that you switch to VoIP for two reasons: reliable, high-quality calls and more reasonable pricing. So how do you feel when you take your SIP phone home with you, plug it into your router and are rewarded for your troubles with one-way audio? Standard ISP hub hardware will often outright block SIP traffic from travelling through its firewall, which is definitely not conducive to good business. Why change ISP or purchase new routing hardware just for the sake of your phone? We’ve made sure you don’t have to. The voice traffic transporting protocol used by our apps is treated as regular website traffic by your firewall, so your calls are given the respect they deserve, always passing straight through uninterrupted. No port forwarding to configure, no hard-to-reach router settings to disable, just high-quality voice calling the way you’d expect.

We also know that third-party apps will drain the battery of your mobile device and guzzle your precious mobile data, resulting in not just a hefty phone bill, but the opportunity cost of a dead battery. With Yay.com, you really can make business calls from anywhere and use VoIP technology to free you and your staff to work the way that’s right for you. Our apps’ traffic protocol allows our server to only make contact with your phone when it needs to, doing away with the standard protocol that requires a constant, uninterrupted connection to your VoIP provider’s server to make your calls, whittling down the savings your business should be making as a VoIP customer.

The codecs we use require no in-app configuration. Our apps choose the best codec for you by default, picking only the very best and most sophisticated, to bring you the highest quality calls with the lowest possible bandwidth requirements, allowing you to make better quality calls than you thought possible from even the remotest of locations.

Together, our codec and transport protocol technologies set us apart from the competition as, at time of writing, Yay.com are the only VoIP provider offering desktop and mobile apps that do not rely on outdated SIP protocols and registration.

Sophisticated codec and transport protocol technologies. On your side.

Tight Integration

Once you have Yay.com configured, you can get right to doing what you do best, whether it’s closing deals, running a business large or small or supporting your customers. Our mobile and desktop apps make this possible. Both our platform and our apps were developed from the ground up with the same core features in mind so, if you like to make heavy use of BLF, you’ll be happy to know that our apps have creatively detailed BLF statuses built right into them. If you’re in love with our call monitoring and management features, you’ll be pleased to know that you can toggle call recording, as well as listen, whisper and barge into your colleagues’ calls, from right within the app.

Any phone number you purchase from Yay.com or transfer over to us from another VoIP provider can be used as your chosen caller ID when you call out from our desktop or mobile apps. This process is as fast and intuitive as any other aspect of Yay.com; decide today that you want to expand your business presence into the United States, purchase a New York phone number and be calling out from that US number to business associates worldwide within minutes.

Truly unified communications. Now in the palm of your hand.


The Yay Softphone Apps.  A Technological Advantage.

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Content Manager at Yay.com

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service