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What You Need From A Business Phone System

What You Need From A Business Phone System


8 min read

Quick Summary

Looking to upgrade your business phone system? We discuss what you need to look for when you upgrade to ensure you and your business remain at the cutting edge.

Whether you’re the owner of a large business with hundreds of employees or an employee in a small business with just three members of staff, having an effective business phone system is crucial. This means powerful but manageable features that give you exactly what you need, pricing that’s fair for what you’re receiving and a system that can scale up or down with your business as necessary. You also want something that can offer an improvement in the fundamentals. If you’re going to be upgrading, it’s important that you notice improvements in the little things you do every day. That’s why call quality should noticeably improve as well.

Yay.com meets all of these requirements, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are some of the things offered by a VoIP-powered business phone system that can help your business.


The Basics: Call Quality and Simple Features

The first thing you want to know is that your new business phone system can handle the basics. That means, no matter what your current phone system can do, you want your upgraded system to do a better job. That means better call quality and features that outperform those you use currently.

Yay.com supports the Opus codec, which is currently the best audio codec out there. This means that the audio data carrying the sound of your voice can be compressed and subsequently decompressed faster and with less loss, resulting in a higher quality call.

When it comes to simple features, too, a good VoIP phone system will cover all the bases: call forwarding and routing, BLF presence indication and standard call monitoring functions like whisper, barge and join.

Whether you’re a big corporation with simple needs or a startup of five that wants to take its caller experience to the next level, VoIP represents a significant upgrade from traditional, analogue phone systems without taking away any of the staples you rely on to operate your business day-to-day.  Read our full VoIP guide for more detail.

Next Steps: Productivity, Scalability and Cost

For those whose needs are a bit greater, or who need more convincing before making the switch, your upgraded business phone system should:

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Save you money
  • Be able to scale up or down with your business in a hassle-free manner.


Features like call recording, conference bridging, and enterprise chat can help your staff to get more done in less time, empowering employees to collaborate and communicate no matter whether they’re working remotely, from the office, or even from a different country.

Softphones/VoIP apps allow staff to make and take business calls from their personal mobile or desktop devices, meaning clients and customers need never know that you’re not in the office. Plus, internal communication between employees is made even easier, further enabling collaboration.

Call recordings can be used as learning tools for new staff or as records of crucial conversations, as can voicemail-to-email auto transcripts, saving your staff the time it would take to produce manual records of these conversations.



When it comes to scalability, there’s really no comparison between a VoIP phone system with virtual lines and one with physical lines. Having no physical lines requiring an engineer to plug or unplug, you can get to work adding or subtracting users from your account right away with no maintenance or installation costs.

With Yay.com, users can be added or subtracted from your dashboard with only a couple of clicks, so your phone system can be expanded within minutes of deciding to take onboard new staff, or downsized within the same amount of time.


As we’ve mentioned, with VoIP there is no costly hardware to maintain or install. Domestic and international calls are substantially cheaper with a good VoIP provider than elsewhere and monthly fees are lower, too.

Providers like Yay.com can offer hugely competitive pricing without sacrificing on the quality of the service we provide. This is down to the freshness and efficiency of our platform; we don’t have to pass the labour costs of keeping an antiquated system operational onto our customers. Ours was created with the technologies and infrastructure of the future in mind.

For SMEs that need a system that goes beyond the basics to offer a phone system that makes the switch an obvious benefit financially, VoIP is the best move forward.

Going Further: Advanced Features, Integrations and Staff Satisfaction

It’s not only the largest companies that demand more from their business phone system in terms of the features they need to thrive. Any business making or receiving large volumes of calls will need the most capable of phone systems to keep up. Recruitment firms, sales teams, contact centres and other such call-intensive industries are actually likely to find a modern VoIP phone system directly leads to greater profits, and will certainly benefit from the more advanced features a VoIP phone system can offer.

By virtue of operating over the internet and of being developed programmatically, VoIP platforms can offer advanced features you’d never see with an analogue phone system. These features can even be rolled out over the internet for you to benefit from immediately. What’s more, these will vary by provider since market competitors will drive each other to create ever greater and more impressive features to win businesses over to their platform, giving you the opportunity to choose the best provider for you from a varied selection.

Advanced Features

Features like outbound call statistics, which help to keep track of employee performance in relation to targets like number of calls made, total call duration, time since last call and more are incredibly useful for recruitment and sales for obvious reasons. Teams can make competitions out of call numbers, or highest-number-of-sales to lowest-call-duration ratios, boosting performance and results.

Alternatively, custom call queues and on-hold playlists empower call centres or any other firm that fields a lot of inbound calls to customise the caller experience in any number of ways. Control exactly what callers hear and when, keeping them up to date as to their position in the queue or with statements expressing your appreciation for their time spent waiting with custom audio files recorded and uploaded by you or a voice artist of your choice.

Features like these, along with unlimited outbound call minutes and auto-syncing of your call recordings to an external cloud storage platform of your choice make a VoIP platform like Yay.com’s the best option available.



Sales teams and other such outfits will benefit immensely from integration with various CRMs and click-to-dial browser integrations that save time and resources when it comes to making calls and logging data.

Yay.com also offers Direct Routing integration with Microsoft Teams, making for an incredibly powerful communications combination. Teams’ internal collaboration and communication capabilities are boosted with an enterprise-grade phone system to handle your external calls, including Yay.com’s features such as call recording, IVR call menus and our CRM integrations.

Staff Satisfaction

Crucial to the success of any business is how satisfied its staff are. Customer and client satisfaction is of course incredibly important, but the less satisfied your employees are, the less motivated they’ll feel to go above and beyond for your customers. One cannot be had without the other.

By allowing employees to work the way that they want to, offering them more choice in terms of where to work from and what devices to use when they’re working, staff satisfaction is reported to greatly improve. VoIP apps make this possible.

By being able to make and take business calls on any mobile or desktop device, your staff can work the way they’re comfortable with and can even work from home without customers or clients being any the wiser. This can help bring staff back to work sooner from paternity and maternity leave if that’s something they’re open to, while members of staff too sick to travel might still want to get some work done from home, improving overall output and reducing the impact of unplanned leave.


No matter the size of your business, upgrading and modernizing your phone system will benefit you and your employees in many more ways than you’d think possible if you’re used to a more traditional variety of phone system. You can try Yay.com for 14 days with our free VoIP trial or you can contact us directly if you have any more questions about our services, or how a VoIP phone system can help you.

What You Need From A Business Phone System

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Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service