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Outbound Wallboards: At-a-glance Comprehension Delivered

Outbound Wallboards: At-a-glance Comprehension Delivered


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Quick Summary

Learn all about our new Outbound Wallboards feature for Enterprise Users - outbound call statistics at-a-glance!

Since March 2019, our inbound-call Wallboards have been helping you and your teams stay motivated and informed. Displaying important call statistics, these customisable ‘boards’ updated in real-time to give supervisors and team members an overview of user-based performance metrics and complete call queue statistics.

Now, in response to popular demand, outgoing-call Wallboards are available to all Enterprise Plan users. Bringing you the same at-a-glance comprehension you experienced with inbound-call Wallboards, Enterprise users will now benefit from new features including target setting and tracking by individual or by group of users.

In addition, expect all of the features you loved about incoming-call Wallboards to be carried forward to outgoing-call Wallboards. URL customisation, light and dark themes and flexible viewing options will all be available. Below we’ll discuss more about this important new feature and how, if your existing cloud phone system doesn’t offer such functionality, you could benefit from switching to a provider with more powerful features.

Company Calling in All its Configurations

For a passive business model where the business comes to you, inbound-call Wallboards might be all you need. For an active business model, however, where the onus is on the employees to generate business over the phone, inbound-call data is less relevant. Whilst a support team supervisor will be quite happy with a dedicated display for how their team members are handling today’s incoming call queue, a sales force has quite different needs. If your employees are making the calls, chasing new leads and closing deals, inbound-call Wallboards won’t be tracking these statistics but, now, our new outbound-call Wallboards will.

Outbound Wallboards - One Possible Configuration


Target Setting and Tracking by User

If you’re a sales team with a competitive office environment, our ‘leaderboard’ style data displays and colour-coded targets (green for on-target, red for missed targets) will make it clear who the top performers for the day, week or month are, as well as highlight who might need additional training or support in a particular area. Create a Wallboard and display it on the wall of the office and, suddenly, your business phone system is empowering your team to compete for commission incentives call-by-call as they see their position on the leaderboard rise and fall. Rather than a dry display of irrelevant data, the Wallboard is a powerful motivating tool, driving business performance.

Targets can be set for each user or user in your account, meaning you have complete control. Your sales newcomers won’t be able to compete with the veterans in their first week; rather than subject them to daily discouragement at the bottom of the leaderboard, give them their own targets, see them hit them each day and build the momentum necessary to begin climbing the ranks themselves. In this way, aid business growth by utilising wallboards to encourage new employees and push experienced ones to blast through plateaus to new levels of performance with assigned stretch-targets.

Wrap Up

Our new outbound-call Wallboards bring a highly-requested expansion to our successful Wallboard feature. This is a feature that we are looking forward to developing further in the future with lots of exciting expansion features in the pipeline. Enterprise users can begin exploring this immediately by navigating to Wallboards under Calls in the Voice tab of your account. If your existing business telephone system does not offer functionality like that described here, consider switching to Yay.com today to begin benefitting from all of the powerful VoIP phone system features we offer.

Outbound Wallboards: At-a-glance Comprehension Delivered

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Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service