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How To Set Up A New VoIP Phone

How To Set Up A New VoIP Phone

Cloud communications systems are the future. BT have stated that both ISDN and PSTN (traditional telephone lines) will be phased out by 2025 and, with new reports stating that they will be stopping sales of the same this year, there soon will be no other option. With better quality audio at a lower cost than traditional telephone lines, making the switch would be an easy decision even if traditional methods were not being phased out.

With a VoIP provider like Yay.com, you can get started using the Internet to make calls without any new hardware. Just download our smartphone or desktop apps and sign up for a free trial account to get started right away.

However, if you’d like to use a dedicated device for making calls over the Internet, you’ll need to configure a VoIP desk phone. Refer to the video embedded in this article for full details on how to do this. Here we use the Grandstream GXP1625, but configuration is much the same regardless of your make and model, so follow along here for a detailed overview of the steps and refer to our model-specific FAQs for help with any of the particulars.

1) Unbox the unit, connect the handset to the handset port on the reverse of the control unit with the coiled cable.

2) Using the ethernet cable, connect the IP phone to an ethernet port. Ensure to connect the cable to the LAN port on the reverse of the device and not the PC port.

3) If your unit supports PoE, you will not need the power cable.

4) Once the unit is powered on and connected to your network, locate its IP address using the interface.

5) Enter the IP address in the search bar of any browser and log in. Usually, the credentials are something simple like ‘User: admin, password: admin’, but check the documents provided or the brand website. Our FAQs may help.

6) Head to your VoIP Provider to acquire your SIP Username and SIP password details.

7) Input these in the appropriate fields (see our FAQ here for specifics, sorted by brand).

8) If not already in place, ensure that your new VoIP device can receive calls via your VoIP Provider’s call routing function.

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