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DECT VoIP phone, enjoy cordless communication

DECT VoIP phone, enjoy cordless communication


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Quick Summary

Learn about DECT phones and the benefits of using a VoIP compatible DECT phone with a hosted VoIP service to great effect for your business calls.

A DECT phone is a cordless or wireless phone that uses the DECT standard to make calls. DECT is an acronym for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications and is a digital wireless technology. These types of phones will often consist of a base and a handset. This can be viewed as one of the key differentiators between a DECT phone and a mobile or cell phone. The most popular application of DECT is in cordless phones, however DECT has many uses from electronic cash terminals through to PABX systems and baby monitors.

How did DECT start?

The DECT standard originated in Europe in 1987 and initially stood for Digital European Cordless Telephone, although this was changed to Digital European Cordless Telecommunications to reflect its range of application. It was only in 1995 that the use of European was dropped in favour of the Enhanced term. This was due to the technology's growing global use and adoption. In fact, outside of Europe, DECT is used in Australia, Asia and South America. North America uses its own DECT 6.0 standard which uses a slightly different frequency range to DECT.

What are the benefits of a DECT Phone

The biggest benefit to DECT phones is the freedom they offer. As they are cordless, it is possible to walk around the home or office without getting tangled up in various cords. It is also possible to use multiple handsets across different rooms. As a result, DECT phones are often used in retail stores and warehouses, although they are also popular in office buildings and home offices too. For a compact, flexible and robust solution, DECT phones can be a useful addition to any business.

DECT phones and your hosted VoIP phone system

DECT or cordless phones can be utilised to great effect with a VoIP phone system especially when used with multiple handsets. For example, an Ethernet Base Station connected to an Internet connection or router can be paired with multiple cordless VoIP phones to offer the freedom of long range indoor and outdoor communication. With hosted VoIP offering simultaneous concurrent calls, there is no need to worry about callers receiving engaged tones if one person is already on an active call either. Coupling a base station with cordless phones utilises this VoIP feature, allowing concurrent calls within the office or home. In comparison to traditional phones that are connected to landlines, using a DECT VoIP phone with hosted VoIP offers real flexibility as well a huge range of business-related features such as call recording and call transfers at a wallet-friendly price.

Choose from a range of quality VoIP phone brands

There are many popular high quality DECT phones that are VoIP compatible, these include phones manufactured by worldwide brands such as Gigaset, Grandstream and Yealink. These award-winning brands are all available with us, are VoIP compatible and are ready to be used with your VoIP provider.

If you are interested in purchasing a cordless phone for your office or home, be sure to look at the range of DECT VoIP phones in the Yay.com Store and take advantage of the free next day DPD delivery options.

To sample our hosted VoIP service, join our free 30 day VoIP Trial today.

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DECT VoIP phone, enjoy cordless communication

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