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5 Cloud VoIP PBX Benefits

5 Cloud VoIP PBX Benefits

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is an innovative way of making voice calls via the cloud. Find out about a few of the benefits that a VoIP provider could offer your business.

A VoIP phone system will save you money

Switching to VoIP means huge savings for your business. Due to virtually no setup fees, competitive call rates, and no engineer visits, VoIP will ensure your office phone system is significantly more cost-effective than traditional analogue PSTN/ISDN landlines. If you want to, you can even keep your existing phone numbers.

Hosted VoIP is fully flexible

A hosted VoIP service will seamlessly link remote offices and employees. If you're always on the go, or even in a hotel halfway around the world, as long as there is an internet connection, you can make and receive calls as if in the same office. Integration and collaboration are easy, via deskphone or mobile, whatever your location.

Cloud PBX systems are super-scalable

New extensions and phones are easy to add to your network via a few clicks online. There's absolutely no need to book an engineer, install an expensive physical server in your office, or waste valuable time head-scratching in front of a jungle of wires and server ports. So expanding your communications is never ever a problem in the cloud.

A VoIP Cloud PBX is feature-packed

VoIP enhances your comms. It delivers several business-level features such as powerful call routing, call recorders and monitoring, bespoke audio messaging, efax and more. Using a PBX in the cloud ensures your callers receive a professional and sophisticated calling experience, while you, in turn, gain an edge over your competitors.

Hosted VoIP is easy to maintain

With no need for time-consuming hardware or cable installations, a VoIP phone system is easy to maintain no matter how big or small your organisation. Often the only hardware expense will be a new phone or headset for a new employee. If you want to keep an existing PBX, it can even be possible to trunk calls to it too.

Check out our 5 benefits of VoIP infogram.

To find out more about what VoIP is, check out our beginner's guide to VoIP.

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