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Exciting New Features Added to the Yay.com Calling App

Exciting New Features Added to the Yay.com Calling App

Following the hugely successful release of our free Yay.com iOS and Android calling apps in October 2018, we knew we could make them even better, so we did - and we’ll continue to add more features in future updates!

The new features added in the latest Yay.com iOS/Android app update focus primarily on how Yay.com users interact with other Yay.com users, including users outside of your own Yay.com account!

Status Indicators / BLF

A popular feature of our Yay.com dashboards is now available in the calling app, too! You can easily see your colleagues availability without needing to login to your Yay.com dashboard by navigating to the contacts section of the app and choosing the ‘Yay.com’ column. You can also identify who else in your contact list uses Yay.com outside of your Yay.com account!

Yay Calling App - User Available  User is available

Yay Calling App - User Available on App  User is Available & using the Yay App 

Yay Calling App - Available on App, Diff Yay Account  User is using the Yay App from a different Yay.com Account

Yay Calling App - On Call  User in on a call

Yay Calling App - User is Ringing  User is ringing

Yay Calling App - User has DND Enabled User has Do Not Disturb enabled

Yay Calling App - User is Disconnected User is disconnected

Route calls via Yay.com where possible

In your app settings, it is possible to route calls to other contacts on the Yay.com platform by enabling “Prefer Yay.com Calls”. For example, if you are calling a mobile/cell phone number from the Yay.com app and the owner of that smartphone is also using the app on that number, we will route the call to their app instead so that you do not use your minutes of calling credit calling a mobile/cell phone number.

Invite friends to use the calling app

You can now send invites to friends not already using Yay.com, allowing you to talk for free anywhere in the world! Simply send them a quick text message at the click of a button from the contacts list in your app.

Call monitoring 

Gone are the days of needing to remember shortcodes and extension numbers to monitor live calls! With the latest smartphone app update, you can click into a colleagues contact and see the options to Listen, Whisper and Barge into, or Pickup, their call (where permissions are set to “Allow” in your dashboard).

Park a call and retrieve it again effortlessly

Call Parking has easily become a customer favourite feature - now it’s even more straightforward to park a call in the apps. Simply long press the hold button during an active call to park it - we will automatically select the next available parking slot for you. Parked calls are shown in the “Recents” menu and can be retrieved by any user in your Yay.com account.


Can’t remember your Shortcodes? No problem! Hold the * key on the dial pad within the app to see a list of all your shortcodes and click to use.

Missed calls push notifications (iOS only)

Due to the iOS call kit integration, you are able to see your missed call notifications in the same manner as normal calls to your smartphone. Unfortunately, as the iOS call kit is native to iPhone, this feature is not yet available on Android devices, though you can still check your missed calls from within the app in the “Recents” list!

New calling app options

We have added new settings to make your app run the way you like it - these new options include: disable inclusion of app calls in your handsets recent call list, disable the call waiting beep, and disable missed call notifications.

Improved performance

In the latest update, we have made our app run even smoother than before - this includes faster pass over when switching from mobile data to WiFi or vice versa and clearer indication of connectivity in low signal areas.

If you’ve not yet sampled our calling app, make sure you download the latest version and get all the great benefits of our phone system in the palm of your hand. 

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