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What should I check when inbound calls are failing?

If you're having trouble receiving inbound calls to your number, there are a few steps below that you can take to try and resolve the problem in a wide variety of situations - 


Do you have an active plan?

You can check this by clicking where it says ‘Current Plan’ on your dashboard. From here if under the current plan it says ‘restore’ or if there is no current plan you will need to renew the plan on the account.


Is the number assigned to a Call Route, Time Diary, or as a DDI?


This is one of the most common issues when it comes to receiving inbound calls on the Yay.com platform. You can check this quickly just by logging in to your dashboard and going to Voice > My Numbers > My Numbers. If the ‘Assigned To’ column is empty this is likely your culprit, just assign a call route/DDI from the drop-down and it should start working! If you're unsure what the route does, we have another FAQ on call routing which can provide some more information here


Is the routing set up correctly?


If the number already has a call route assigned, what is that call route configured to do? Or if it is assigned to a time diary, are the hours set correctly with the correct call route assigned to them?


If the number is being used as a call forward


If the number is being used to forward calls to an external number and you are one of the inclusive minute packages (Starting Out or Flying High) the first thing to check would be whether you have any inclusive minutes remaining. The best way to check this would be to click on the '+' icon next to the call credit on your dashboard and then click "inclusive minutes". If this shows that there are 0 remaining minutes you will need to add call credit to your account in order for the call forward to continue working.


Are the devices correctly registered?


In order to make or receive a call (that is not forwarded to a separate external number), you will need to have a device registered against the user on your account whether this is one of the Yay.com apps or a physical VoIP Phone. You can confirm whether they have a registered device by going to Voice > Users > Users in your dashboard and if the user is green this shows that they're correctly registered.

See the below table on how to register these devices if they are not registered.


Yay.com Apps

Physical VoIP/SIP Phones


With the Yay.com apps, you can launch these directly from your dashboard by going to Voice > Apps in your dashboard and entering the respective details (phone number or email address) next to the user that you wish to register. If you are unsure about how to do this you can find FAQs on launching these below:


                                  Mobile app                                               Desktop app
















With regards to setting up a VoIP phone, the process does differ slightly from phone to phone however there is often a common pattern to this.


Firstly, you would need to get the IP address for the phone, you can often do this through the settings of the phone or by running an IP scanner on your network such as advanced IP scanner


Once you have this you just need to enter that IP address into the URL bar on your browser.


Once this is done, just log in using the default username and password for the phone, if you are unsure of these a quick Google of the phone's model number will tell you these.


Upon logging in you will need to set up the registration, to do this you will need 3 pieces of information which you can find by going to Voice > Users > Users on your dashboard.


* The SIP/registration server which is talk.yay.com

* The authentication/user name which is the SIP username for the user

* The authentication password which is the SIP password for the user


If you need any help with this we do have FAQs for specific phones here



Is the device registered to that user set to ‘Do not disturb’ if it is, disable the DND?

Checking do not disturb differs between different devices - in the Yay.com iOS & Android apps this can be found in the settings under the "inbound Calls" section. For the majority of desktop phones, this is usually signified by a "stop sign" indicator on the device - a quick look online for the make, model and "How to disable DnD on... phone" will usually present a guide on disabling. 


Is the user available in any relevant groups?


Is the user definitely in the relevant hunt group or queue group? In the case of the queue group is the user set as available in call queues (you can check this from the user’s page by editing the user and going to ‘advanced’.)


Is it only for specific numbers?


If you are only struggling to receive calls from specific numbers we would suggest checking the call restrictions that are set up on the account. You can do this by going to Voice > Calls > Restrictions and if any restrictions are in place we would suggest removing them and seeing if this resolves your issue.


Try resetting/rebooting the device


A reboot can be achieved by unplugging the power and once the device is powered down, just simply plug it back in again. If you wanted to factory reset the device, this can usually be done via the settings menu on the physical phone. For the iOS & Android applications, you can select "Reset App Registration" at the bottom of the settings page.

If you are still running into issues after this we would suggest disabling SIP ALG on your router and we have an FAQ on this here.


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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