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Increased responsiveness for Music On Hold Audio

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Increased responsiveness for Music On Hold Audio

Incoming callers to your VoIP phone number will now find that the hold music they hear is even more responsive.

Speed improvements to on-hold messaging

We have improved the speed with which callers now hear Hold Music or Messaging. While previously callers could have waited between 1 - 6 seconds to hear music on hold, we still felt that we could make things even quicker, so this has now been reduced to just 700 milliseconds in an optimum setup.

Auto resuming on hold audio for VoIP calls

Additionally, busy businesses may also find occasions when incoming calls may need to be placed on hold a number of times, for example if a call needs to be transferred to multiple departments in the office. In instances like these, the caller will now find that the on-hold audio resumes from the exact moment that they were last put on hold.

For customers and callers to your business, this means that if you use a sales message as your on-hold messaging, they will no longer have to sit through the same message all the way through again.

These improvements are now the standard design for both sequential and randomised hold music settings.

We are continually refining our VoIP service features and hope that these changes will continue to elevate the service and experience that Yay.com users can provide to their customers.

If you’re a Yay.com customer, try out our hold music capabilities or sign up for a trial VoIP account to sample our services today.

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