Cloud PBX and Caller ID, first impressions

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Cloud PBX and Caller ID, first impressions

First impressions count and that's why it's important to put your best foot forward when calling clients and prospective leads. One of the many options included with your Cloud PBX is presentation of Caller ID. With Caller ID, sometimes known as Caller Line Identification or CLI, you can start presenting your brand name and phone number. Here are a few suggestions why using Caller ID can help you produce a positive impression for your business.

It looks more professional

Showing up as anonymous can look less professional when calling business leads. Presenting your brand name and phone number not only looks more professional, but it also looks more authentic and trustworthy. In busy, buzzing office environments, we are all keen to avoid spam calls, so authenticity can go a long way towards recipients making a split-second decision whether to accept or reject that anonymous call that's rattling their phone.

Recall can boost call pickup

Making calls can be vitally important to a business, especially in cases when an immediate response is needed, there's complexity or nuance involved with the matter, or there's just a chance that a personal touch will be more beneficial than an email. If your Caller ID is easily recognisable and has a higher recall rate, you can increase the chances of your call being picked up. This can be especially true in cases where you regularly call your clients on the phone.

A local presence counts

As a rule, people are more likely to pick up calls when they can recognise the loaction of the phone number. Surveys1 actually show that call recipients are around four times more likely to answer calls from local numbers. If your business is based locally or you have a local presence, it more than makes sense to take advantage of this and present this information on outbound calls.

Keep things comprehensible

Try to make sure your Caller ID look as professional as possible. If you are going to use abbreviations as part of your Caller ID, try and make sure they are understandable within the space available and recognisable as your brand. Making your Caller ID appear as intelligible as possible will help those you are calling quickly comprehend who it is that is ringing them without too much confusion or thought.

Make sure you use Caller ID to benefit your business when making outbound calls and help ensure you don't get the door slammed shut on you before you have even had a chance to knock.

You can enjoy Caller ID features as part of our hosted VoIP service. If you run multiple business arms from your office, we let you use easy shortcodes to appear as  your desired Caller ID when dialling out too. Take advantage of this feature along with a number of other professional business options such as call forwarding, video calling and more as part of our full featured scalable Cloud PBX solution.

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