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Flexible Working Made Easy with UCaaS

Flexible Working Made Easy with UCaaS


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Quick Summary

Unified Communications services make it easy for your staff to work remotely and flexibly by providing a stable hub for all your business communications


Most business owners will, at some point in the last twelve months, have asked themselves the question, “How can I continue to effectively drive business growth despite unstable business conditions?”

One answer lies in investing in the tools that make it possible for your teams to continue working effectively from anywhere. If your business has been hurt by short-notice, long-term lockdowns because your staff can’t effectively work from home, then it’s time to remedy that.

Most often, the issue really comes down to the lack of proximity between staff members and their inability to effectively collaborate and communicate when working remotely. With flexible working options being demanded by more and more of the workforce, and remote working having become commonplace in the last year, an effective solution is necessary. With the right tools, you can effectively neutralise the negative impact remote working can have on staff productivity and efficiency.


A good UCaaS platform will empower your team to work effectively and productively from wherever they are.

Benefits of a Unified Communications Service

UCaaS Delivers Integrated Business Communications

You’re probably already using a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneDrive to share files and to access crucial documents from wherever you are. But cloud storage facilities aren’t the only services that exist to make remote work efficient and effective.

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, providers will offer users a platform that brings all of their business communications together into one place. For remote workers looking to keep great ideas flowing, it’s crucial that the pipeline remain open. Without being able to communicate just as intuitively as when in the office, it becomes less likely that great ideas will continue to spread and gain momentum. That’s why features like click-to-dial, business instant messaging and video conferencing, presented in an uncluttered, clean UI that facilitates communication and collaboration is key.

By bringing all staff communications into one place, including secure business instant messaging, VoIP calling and video conferencing, unified communications services make it as easy and intuitive as possible for staff to continue effective communication no matter where they’re located, eliminating the unnecessary friction that can get in the way of staff communication without a dedicated solution in place.

What’s more, by providing an integrated, reliable platform with a cohesive UI, good unified communications platforms can offer a sense of stability to workers while at their desks. With a stable, trusted communications infrastructure, staff can focus on producing great quality work just as if they were at the office with zero frustrations or distractions. Fewer distractions and a happier team mean greater productivity and efficiency, meaning a greater volume of quality work is produced to drive your business growth.


Whether your staff want to work remotely or flexibly, a unified communications solution can help keep great ideas flowing.

Powerful Business Phone System Features

With a powerful UCaaS platform behind you, your business will benefit from all the other advanced features the platform has to offer. Advanced call routing capabilities, for example, could make it possible for your business to upgrade its caller experience with the strategic use of call queue hold music, custom audio messages and more intelligent, multi-layered IVR auto attendants.

Yay.com offers a powerful and intuitive, modular call route creation panel for its customers. Specific phone system features and functions are mapped to particular modules, which the user simply drags and drops into the flow of their new call route, with the ability to modify the specifics of how that module works with precision.

Meanwhile, our business instant messaging is seamlessly integrated into our voice calling apps, meaning you and your teams can securely chat, share files and images and conduct high-quality VoIP calls all from within a single platform.


Leverage the power of UCaaS today to build resilience in your workforce.


Finally, a quality UCaaS platform can be integrated with a wide variety of CRMs and productivity tools in order to enhance your experience even further. When your business’ sales calls can be tracked seamlessly in your sales pipeline platform of choice, with data shareable between the two platforms, you have that much more power available to you to widen the gap between you and the competition.


The modern workstation is portable and many busy professionals need only a laptop and a smartphone to produce world-leading ideas and products. Corporate structure doesn’t have to stand in the way of that. Whether you need to communicate with your customers and clients in a professional way or enable your teams to continue sharing files and ideas securely, even whilst working remotely, then a unified communications service is crucial to your business’ continued success.

Yay.com offers such a service and, now that we integrate with Microsoft Teams to offer a Teams Direct Routing solution, there are more ways than ever to take advantage of our leading, proprietary VoIP phone system while offering your staff a cohesive and fluid experience for their internal and external business communications.

Flexible Working Made Easy with UCaaS

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Alex - Content Manager at Yay.com


Content Manager at Yay.com

ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service
ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service