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Building a secure online presence with your domains

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Building a secure online presence with your domains

Held every October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month and European Cyber Security Month raise the importance of cyber security and safety online. With that in mind, we wanted share a few tips and thoughts when buying a domain name or building a website for your business or side project.

HTTPS protocols and security

If you are a website creator, you should ensure that traffic to your domain and site is HTTPS encrypted. By encrypting traffic to your website, you are ensuring that any communication to and from the site cannot be intercepted or seen by an eavesdropper.

For websites that handle payments, forms or private messages, HTTPS encryption offers visitors to your site added peace of mind that their details are safe with you. Typically, domains that are HTTPS encrypted will often feature a padlock icon in the browser address bar.

SSL certificates utilise HTTPS, as opposed to unencrypted HTTP connection, and installing an SSL certificate on your domain name ensures data encryption.

How to get an SSL certificate

We provide free SSL certificates when you purchase your domain from ourselves. This means that your online presence can benefit from greater security in no time.

To set up your SSL certificate, simply follow the instructions featured in our SSL certificate FAQs:

Easily ensure encryption

With encryption, it’s best to try and make sure that your entire website is covered, not just payment or login pages. A single unencrypted page could lead to potential security issues.

One way to ensure encryption is to use a domain extension that is HSTS preloaded. The HSTS preload list is a list of sites which modern browsers will only load over an encrypted connection. The quickest and easiest way to get on this list is to use a domain that is also on the HSTS preload list, such as .app, .dev and .page domains. With these domains you will receive the security benefits of HSTS preloading right off the bat, so all that you would need to do would be to install an SSL certificate.

The alternative to the above would be to add your web address to the HSTS preload list yourself. This can be done via hstspreload.org, although this can be a slower process, as updates to the list are made as new browser releases come out. As a result, it can take months for this list to be updated on all browsers.

So, register a new domain with us today and benefit from a free SSL certificate, alongside free domain privacy and free web and email forwarding too.


Posted by Adrian

Digital Marketing at Yay.com

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