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Best Bulk Domain Management Tool

Best Bulk Domain Management Tool


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Quick Summary

Domainers with thousands of domains need tools powerful enough to make their business manageable. Enter Yay.com's domain management platform.

If you’re a domainer, you’re already familiar with the wide variety of administrative headaches that face you every day. Unfortunately, the larger your ambitions in the domains industry, the larger and more varied these headaches become.

With registrar portals and management systems typically geared towards those who only own or manage a few domains, if your portfolio of domains is in the thousands then a domain management platform that can save you time is an investment worth considering. Not only can this save you time, but it can save you money, too. Missing a couple of expired domains amongst the thousands that you’re managing and losing them to someone with a sneaky domain backorder in place means an awful lot of unnecessary stress and perhaps even financial losses that could have been avoided had you been using a platform with better tracking and alerting features.

So how does Yay.com propose to solve this administrative nightmare? Well, as you’ll see, we provide more tools than anyone else with which to deftly hew swathes of domains into orderly bundles. You can then perform powerful actions on these bundles in just a couple of clicks. ‘Bundles’ can even be unbundled and re-bundled at will with our filters and labels, all wrapped up in a dead-simple user interface that puts the important stuff first.

Let’s take a deeper dive into these features and how exactly they can solve for you the problems you confront every day.



By filtering your domains and using labels, you can effectively and logically partition your domains and perform actions on those selected. This and our other features is precisely what makes Yay.com a great choice for larger volumes of domain name registration.


The first method with which you can pare down that intimidating list of domains is to filter them by status.


Filter for all of your expired domains, registered domains, or pre-order domains to name just a few. Combine any or none of these filters to intelligently sift your list for what you need.


Whether or not filtering floats your boat, you can create your own labels to attach to domains. If you’re thinking, “That’s all very well, but if I have to assign labels to my domains one-by-one, I’ll never get it done!”, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there too.

Assigning labels is one of our bulk tasks that can be performed on selections of domains of any size. Once you’ve used the filters described in the previous section or the search bar at the top of the domains dashboard, you can quickly check the checkboxes for those domains you wish to apply a label to. Once selected, simply assign a label of your creation!

Since they’re created by you, your labels can be as creative and colourful, or as utilitarian and pragmatic, as you wish them to be. If you have a batch of domains for a family business and always associate them with your family you can label them accordingly. Then, when you search for “family domains”, for example, you’ll always find these domains.

Bulk Tasks

Once you’ve got your selection of domains, you can begin to perform actions in bulk.

Possible bulk actions include:

  • Renew domains
  • Apply a DNS Template
  • Assign a Nameserver Group
  • Change Contacts
  • Add/Remove Privacy
  • Enable/Disable Auto-Renew
  • Lock/Unlock Domains
  • Assign Labels


Let’s go through some of these in a little bit of detail.

Applying DNS Templates: As you know if you’re a domainer, configuring your DNS settings on a domain-by-domain basis for thousands of domains is a Herculean task. Without a bulk DNS assignment tool, at least! Often, you’ll have many domains with the same or very similar DNS settings. With our DNS templating and bulk assignation tool, you can configure a template then apply it in bulk to as many or as few domains as you wish. Any minor changes that need to be made can then be applied manually.

Assigning Nameserver Groups: The same concept as DNS templates, but with Nameservers, this option allows you to set pre-configured groups of nameservers to batches of domains. Since DNS and Nameserver templates are usually set by whoever your website is hosted with, configuring Nameserver and DNS settings for your domains is a mindless process. Now, managing a large volume of domains easy.

Add/Remove Privacy: Privacy for your domains is set up as opt-out by default (meaning privacy is automatically switched on for all domains under management with Yay.com). However, if you’re in the business of trading domains and it is actually in your interest to have your contact details available to the public, or if there’s any other reason you might want to be contactable, you can turn privacy off for domains of your choosing. Those that are with a registrar that allows privacy to be switched off will then show your contact details upon a WHOIS lookup.

Lock/Unlock: Domains can be locked/unlocked in bulk as well. Yay.com also uses an intelligent smart-lock function to unlock and relock your domains behind the scenes when you’re trying to make a change. This way, you’re not forced to unlock and remember to relock your domains manually upon every tweak or change.



Finally, the design of our domains management tool makes it crystal clear what you need to deal with next. Simply toggle additional reminder emails on top of the ICANN-required intervals of 60- 30- and 5-days out from expiry. This will make sure you know exactly where in the timeline-to-expiry each of your domains sits.

What’s more, when you log into your domain dashboard, the first section below the search bar shows ‘Next Domains to Expire’, so you always know exactly which of your domains you’ll have to deal with next. No one likes the stress of being caught off-guard by a domain close to expiry, so we make sure you’re always given plenty of warning.


Pricing: Where We Stand

Hopefully, you’re now blown away by the ease and intuitiveness of managing your horde of domains with Yay.com. With such great features, you might think we’d price ourselves above the competition. Luckily for you, though, that is not the case!

It’s actually cheaper to perform domain name registration with Yay.com than with almost any of our big-name competitors. What’s more, we won’t spring any nasty surprises on you at renewal time. Our renewal prices are the same as our prices for initial registration in all but the rarest of cases, so once your initial period of registration is over, you’re not faced with any tough decisions. We’ll still be the best choice!

We also offer discounts on domain registrations depending on the number of domains you have (or plan to have) under management at Yay.com. For those of you who do have thousands of domains, that means savings on savings!


Overall, Yay.com as a registrar and domain management platform is characterised by its simplicity, affordability and usability when it comes to managing large numbers of domains.

With intelligent search, advanced grouping through filtering and labelling, bulk-task performance and easy handling of all your backorders and transfers, Yay.com as a platform is feature-rich and powerful.

Even better, if you feel your business, digital or otherwise, could benefit from a business phone number or phone system, we’ll be able to offer you a similarly flexible and intuitive platform with which to procure these functions in our VoIP and Unified Communications service.

Best Bulk Domain Management Tool

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