How do I add multiple accounts to my Yay app? App

How do I add multiple accounts to my Yay app?

Follow these steps to set up multiple accounts or users with your Yay mobile app.


To do this you just need to go to More > Settings > Manage Accounts and it will upon up a list of all the connected accounts.

From there you can just click the ‘+’ icon and select how you wish to log in (using the company code, using the account login credentials or through a dashboard invite).





If you need to switch accounts again you can do this from the app's settings by again clicking manage accounts and then selecting the account from the list of connected accounts





You can also change the active account that is in use for the chat directly through the chat tab by clicking the account icon in the top left of the app.





Once you have done this you will have multiple accounts activated on the app, do note the following:


• All inbound calls for all accounts will ring through to the app (not just the account that is currently selected)

• The app’s settings are saved per account, not across the whole app

• Deleting the app from your device will not remove any of the registrations from your account 

• If you reset the app all of the accounts assigned to that app will be removed

• You can remove any unwanted accounts individually from the app from the accounts list by swiping right on IOS or clicking the delete button on Android.

• The app now makes use of iCloud and Android backup and will remember any accounts registered to your app when you reinstall.


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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