What is VoIP?

VoIP is also known as Voice over Internet Protocol. This term describes the methods and technologies used to deliver voice and phone calls via the Internet.


How does VoIP work?


VoIP converts and compresses analogue audio into digital data packets, which are then transmitted via the Internet. This data is then de-compressed and the sounds are heard at the other end through a phone handset or app.


How does VoIP work diagram



What is a VoIP phone and do I need one?


VoIP phones are dedicated phones made specially for making and receiving calls over the Internet. A VoIP phone contains all the technology to connect to your router or WiFi, work with your VoIP provider, and handle calls via an Internet connection. However, to make calls via an analogue phone, an analogue-to-VoIP adapter would be required. Additional hardware isn't always needed as a VoIP system can also enable calls through smartphone apps, laptops, computers and web browsers.



What are the advantages of VoIP?


VoIP can handle a greater number of audio frequencies than standard analogue phone lines, resulting in higher call quality and clarity. Using VoIP technologies, providers can also offer a great number of call features at a fraction of the cost usually associated with them. Additionally, due to the flexible nature of VoIP, phone numbers and lines can be activated in a matter of minutes. While for remote and hybrid workers, the ability to take calls from multiple locations and on any compatible device of their choosing is an added bonus too.



How much does VoIP cost?


The cost of a VoIP plan can vary based on number of users, numbers, minutes and features associated with it. A VoIP plan can cost as little as a cup of coffee. View and estimate the cost of our plans using our plan comparison page.



How to buy VoIP?


A VoIP plan can be purchased online. There is no need for physical installation as everything from apps to phones can be set up remotely. To purchase VoIP on our site, simply pick your plan and number of extensions, choose a phone number and checkout.


To discover more about VoIP and its techologies, view our in-depth guide, What Is VoIP.


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