How do I choose a VoIP Provider?

There are a number of different questions that will need to be taken into consideration when choosing a VoIP provider:

How much will it save me?

You'll find VoIP is a lot cheaper than most ISDN providers, as there will be no line rental needed as it's purely over the internet. You'll also find that call packages and additional services - such as landline and mobile packages, call forwarding and additional voicemail - will decrease your bill dramatically on VoIP compared to standard phone lines! Be sure to check with your current phone bill how much VoIP can save you!

Is VoIP contract-free?

Make sure when looking at any VoIP solutions to double check that you aren't being tied to any contracts once you have entered into a subscription, You may find it may not be for you, or may not work as well as you thought it would. This could leave you with an unwanted service, or a hefty disconnection charge! 

How reliable is VoIP and what's the quality like?

Before you sign up, be sure to evaluate the quality of calls and reliability of the service. Most companies will allow you to 'try before you buy' so be sure to try some test calls once you're set up to hear what the call quality is like both inbound and outbound. It will also depend on your internet connection, you'll need at least 80kbs of upload and download speed per concurrent phone call. For example, with an upload speed of 11MBs, you'll can potentially make around 137 concurrent calls.

How easy is it to set up the VoIP service?

Can you start straight after signing up? Any provider worth their salt will make sure that the setup is smooth and simple, without the need for any additional engineers or hardware. A good service will be able to get you up and running almost straight away with a VOIP softphone available online.

What is the support for VoIP like? 

Be happy with the service and the amount of support being offered to you. The best business VoIP providers will have help and support easy to understand, as well as friendly and concise service, available when needed to help you through any issues you may have.

Can I port my number to VoIP?

If you have a number specific to your geographic area, look to see how much it'll cost you to move the number to your new VoIP provider, often known as 'porting'. See how easy it is and how long it'll take and if any downtime will be necessary.

How flexible can it be for a growing business? 

A growing business with VOIP should be able to adjust the number of devices and users on their VOIP account quickly and easily via an online dashboard or portal. This means you won't need any bulky equipment in your office like a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) taking up unwanted space!

Can I use the Hardware I already have? 

If you already have a VOIP desk phone or on-site PBX, see if the VOIP provider you are looking into supports them and see how easy it is to change to that provider. Most VOIP providers will only need to change a username, password and domain and not much else! Popular brands include Grandstream, Yealink and Siemens Gigaset!

Why should I choose Yay? 

We give you a huge range of features and phone numbers, all included within a low monthly cost. Our state of the art VoIP platform provides crystal clear calls using only a fraction of internet bandwidth and the call quality is often even better than traditional ISDN landlines. We supply a user interface that's accessible from anywhere online, we don't tie you into a contract and you can even customise call plans at any time. Yay!


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