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How do I set up my Polycom IP550 business media phone?

In order to configure the phone:

Start up your phone and identify it's IP address. You can find your phone's IP address by going to the Status option section within the menu. One in the Status section, click on the Network option and select TCP/IP Parameters option.

Point your browser to the web interface of the phone by typing the IP address into the search browser.

In the Identification section of the Lines tab:

  • Set the Display Name field to the name you want to appear on the phone's display.
  • Set the Address (SIP User extension @ Yay.com) field to the extension number you want to associate with phone.
  • Set the Auth User ID (SIP Username from Yay.com)
  • Set the Auth Password field to the extension's Authentication Password (SIP User password from Yay.com)
  • In the Server 1 section of the Lines tab, do the following:
    • Set the Address field to: talk.yay.com
    • Leave all other fields as they are currently populated.
    • Click Submit button at the bottom of the page, your Polycom phone will restart itself.
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