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How do I set up Grandstream Wave for iOS?

How do I set up Grandstream Wave for iOS?


In order to get the Grandstream Wave soft phone app working on your Apple device, download the app from your App Store.

Your SIP server will always be talk.yay.com. Your SIP User ID and Password can both be found in your Yay.com account by navigating into My Dashboard > My VoIP > Users

  • Step 1

    GS Wave iOS Step 2
  • Step 2

    GS Wave iOS Add Account
  • Step 3

    Select SIP Account
  • Step 4

    Enter your yay.com account details
  • Step 5

    GS Wave iOS Step 2
  • Step 6

    TCP Settings

    In order to get GS Wave to run in the background, you have to change the transport settings to TCP. This can be done by going to the SIP settings under your account in GS Wave.

  • Step 7 (Optional)

    GS Wave iOS Step 7

    Make sure "WiFi only" is disabled if you want the app to work on 3G/4G

If the light next to the name of the account is green then congratulations! You are now registered with Yay.com and are ready to make and receive calls!

If it is red, then please check your SIP User details and try again.

You will also need to enable push notifications in your Apple device. You can do this by going into the settings of your Apple device > Notifications > GS Wave and then making sure Allow Notifications are all on.


We also have our own Yay.com apps! These are much more reliable and will stop your battery from dying so quickly! You can take a look at those and download them Here

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