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What software/apps should I use to record and upload my audio / music files to Yay.com?

Audio can be uploaded to Yay.com in a vast number of file formats. See our separate FAQ at to read more about them.

At Yay.com we are big fans of the following audio editors. There are quite literally hundreds available and many are free, but these are the ones we've taken a liking to the most. We recommend uploading Audio in MP3 format where possible and you'll find a few more features in the "Audio" page if your files arrive with us in this format.

For Mac, Windows & Linux

Audacity Recorder and Editor: Very powerful, feature rich and free full audio editor for your desktop. Allows export in MP3 format (Preferred at Yay.com). Lots of tutorials can easily be found on how to use, but easy to get to grips with for simple functions right after install. Extremely powerful once you dig deeper.

For iOS (App)

Voice Record Pro: Free, feature rich voice recorder that allows easy export of an audio file in multiple formats, including MP3 (Preferred at Yay.com) via email, cloud storage and other methods. Also allows basic editing, including trimming and joining two clips together amongst many other features.

MP3 Recorder: Free, basic, but mature recorder for exporting as MP3 file type (Preferred at Yay.com). Shares recording via email, but can be tricky to find in App first time.

For Android (App)

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder: Free, very straight forward MP3 recorder (Preferred by Yay.com) that allows you to choose sample rate of MP3 Recording for the very smallest file size. Free version limited to 10 minutes of recording per file and easy export via email or cloud storage with built in Android "share" features.

For Windows Phone (App)

The Sound Recorder

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