How do I set up and use Click to Dial with Firefox?


How do I set up and use Click to Dial with Firefox?

Our click-to-dial browser extension automatically detects phone numbers on webpages and converts them into clickable links, allowing quick and easy one-click dialling; Clicking on a number will ring your user and picking up the call will then start the outbound call. 


If you are an Enterprise or Flying High user you can download the Click to Dial Firefox extension or if you head to Firefox settings > Add-Ons > Search '' > Add to Firefox!


Step 1


Click to dial on Firefox!

Click on your new Click to Dial Extension in Firefox and log in to your account.



Step 2


Allow permissions on the app

Allow the app to have all permissions on the browser.



Step 3


Click to dial on Firefox

Select your User from the list - this is the user that will ring when you click on a number.



Step 4


Start making calls using Click to Dial!

Start making calls using Click to Dial!



App Settings


Highlight phone Numbers Toggle: 
  • Enabled will hyperlink numbers you can click to dial
  • Disabled will disable click to dial
Show on phone as ‘Click to Dial’ 
  • Enabled will display the “inbound” call on your screen as ‘Click to Dial’, followed by the number you are dialling
  • Disabled will display the “inbound” call on your screen as the number you are dialling only.



Did you know...


If you have been invited to use the Desktop App, you can use the same login to activate your click-to-dial Firefox extension, instead of the account holder's login! This means if you are the account holder you do not need to share your login with any colleagues.


For easy integration with Yay's desktop application, you can also enable "Automatically Connect Click-to-Dial Calls", so any click-to-dial initiated will instantly make the outbound call from the app. 


To use the Click to Dial feature with Firefox, you'll need the Flying High or Enterprise plan - if you're not already on this plan, you can upgrade here:


If you need any further help today, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 0330 122 6000 or by email!

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