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What is a redemption period?

When a domain expires, it will no longer point to any web and mail services that you may have set up. Despite not showing on your Dashboard, it will still be available to renew for 16 days afterwards, in case you change your mind!


After the initial 16 days the domain then enters into a hold period which will end between 65-74 days after the expiration date. This is known as the Redemption Period, where the registrant has the opportunity to ‘restore’ their domain, for a price specified by the registrar.

You can check if your domain is in redemption by searching in Whois, here, and checking the status of the domain.


Next, the domain will then enter ‘Pending Delete’ status, where it is simply waiting to become available again! The domain will no longer be available to renew, and must be re-registered once it has been released by the registry. Please note, at this point the domain will also be available to purchase for all third parties!


This process applies to gTLDs, and some ccTLDs.


.UK, .CO.UK, and .ORG.UK domains are subject to slightly different rules, as the redemption period falls just inside 90 days and they can be restored from your Dashboard throughout that time.


How do I redeem a domain that is currently in redemption?


While we would love to add a ‘redeem’ button for each of your domains, the price to renew different TLDs varies per registry, so you will need to contact Support to request the quote.

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