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What is dynamic on demand call recording?

We allow call recording to be activated and de-activated on demand using a shortcode. The default shortcode is * 90, so dial the * key followed by 90 on your device.

If you already have call recording active on an inbound call route or a SIP User, then using this shortcode will de-activate call recording for the remainder of that call. You can reactivate it at any time during that call by simply dialing it again. You will hear tones each time you activate and de-activate call recording. These will not be heard by the other party.

Conversely if you don't have call recording enabled, but would like to start call recording, just dial the shortcode and call recording will commence.

Our users love this feature as it allows them to disable call recording of sensitive information or capture a call recording on demand when they might otherwise not be recording a call.

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