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Add advanced PRO features to your VoIP Package

You already have access to a wide range of amazing VoIP calling features with your standard user accounts, but we have some additional advanced features that will really take your business communications to the next level.

If you would rather add these features later you can continue to the next step.

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Video Calling and Unlimited Call Recording

By upgrading your Users to PRO you can enjoy the following features:

  • Video Calling

    Make video calls via your favourite VoIP software, with this PRO enterprise VoIP feature.
  • Video Conferencing

    Enhance your current voice only call conferencing by adding video and see who you are talking to.
  • Unlimited Call Recording

    Boost the standard 30 day rolling storage for your call recordings to unlimited!
Pro Users

Upgrade your users to PRO

(Don't panic! You can upgrade or downgrade some or all of your users later from your dashboard if you wish)


/ user / month

Upgrade your account to PRO

By upgrading your Account to PRO you will be able to access the following features:

  • Advanced Call Queuing

    Keep your customers and clients happy with audio updates to let them know their position in the call queue.
  • Complete Phone Book Manager

    Create phone books containing your contacts, and synchronise them to your VoIP desk phone for easy access.
  • Webhook Notifications

    Configure real-time notification alerts for incoming calls, voicemail and fax.
  • VoIP and Domain API Access

    Resell VoIP and domain names using our fully manageable API. Easily add domain registration or VoIP capabilities to your app or website.
  • Text to Speech

    Instantly create life-like audio by just inputting a text script of your choosing. Choose from a variety of voice types, languages and actors.
  • Cloud Storage

    Link your cloud storage account to Yay.com and use it for Call Recordings.

Available to all users on your account.

(Don't panic! You can upgrade or downgrade your account from your dashboard later if you wish)


/ month