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Webhook Notifications

Webhooks are an efficient way to ensure you receive real-time event notifications relating to your hosted VoIP service via your website or app.

Webhook notifications for your hosted VoIP phone system

With this Pro Account feature we make it easy for you to implement webhooks, sometimes called web callbacks, to receive up-to-the-minute notifications such as the starting and ending of calls, new voicemails and efax notifications. Setting this feature up with your VoIP phone system is a simple case of adding a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) for example a URL to the dedicated webhooks page in your user Dashboard and then adding the generated code to your website or web application.

Enabling webhooks allows you to receive live data with a variety of uses. For example, you can see who is calling your business in real-time through your web browser without even having to look at your phone. In this respect webhooks offer a real integrated solution for your business providing greater oversight and information. Move up to a Pro Account to take advantage of this hosted VoIP feature.

  • Receive valuable call information as it happens in real-time.
  • Create webhooks for incoming calls, voicemail and efax notifications.
  • Easily implement event reactions with your website or application in a useful and resource-light way, without the need for an API.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Accounts for:

$99.99 /month

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