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Video Conferencing

Use our video conferencing solution to connect with your team wherever they are in the world, from the comfort of your own desktop computer or tablet.

Video conferencing via state-of the-art hosted VoIP

Whether you have employees across the globe or want to hold regular online meetings with staff a few doors down the corridor, our high quality video conferencing feature makes connecting with them a much simpler process. We remove the frustration and minutes lost when using and setting up separate video conference hardware. With no technical knowledge needed to set up our online video solution, you can get started in a matter of minutes. With uses ranging from virtual meetings with clients, to face-to-face remote interviews and regular team scrums with remote workers, video conferencing is a great way to increase connectivity and productivity amongst your team. Add this PRO User feature to your VoIP phone system and embrace the power of online video today.

  • Powerful video conferencing technology ensures you can hold remote video web conferences and virtual meetings with ease.
  • Enjoy virtual video conferences from comfort of your desktop computer, laptop or tablet, no specialist hardware needed.
  • Combine this Pro Video Conference feature with our hosted VoIP service for a complete unified communication solution.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Users for an additional:

$9.99 /user /month