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Video Calling

Make video calls via your favourite VoIP software.

Video calling via state-of the-art hosted VoIP

Video calling enhances your VoIP call experience through the addition of live real-time video. This Pro User feature can be configured on any compatible device and costs no more than a regular call. Our browser-based video calling solution brings you face to face with members of your team who work in remote offices. Our high quality video call features offer a unified communications solution for a more integrated and productive workforce. So whether you regularly work from home, are a freelancer or tend to travel for work, this is one way to stay more connected to your team. Sign up as a Pro User today and enjoy this additional business feature as part of your Cloud PBX.

  • Make video calls to your employees and colleagues in real-time video.
  • Enhance your hosted VoIP service with video calling via your web browser.
  • Make video calls whether in the room next door or half way round the world.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Users for an additional:

$9.99 /user /month