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Unlimited Call Recording

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited call recordings via your hosted VoIP phone system.

Unlimited call recording with your hosted VoIP service

Unlimited call recording ensures your calls are safely recorded for legal or training purposes. No matter your sector, whether a legal or healthcare professional, financial institution or FSA regulated company, call recording is classed as one of the most effective means for issue resolution, security and in various cases meeting compliance needs. Unlimited call recording ensures that you are always protected with high quality recordings of your calls whenever you need them most.

For training purposes, this Pro feature can be a valuable tool for employee training. With unlimited call recordings you will have a readily available catalogue of examples for new employees and sales staff to listen to in team and sales meetings. Call recordings can additionally aid quality control with the opportunity to review calls at any point and improve the experience for your customers. Sign up for this Pro User feature and get the security and protection your business needs with unlimited call recording.

  • Enjoy unlimited call recording without the need for additional call recorder software and without any 30 day limits.
  • Unlimited call recordings can be played back via your web browser or downloaded to desktop.
  • Comprehensive search functions let you filter through your catalogue of call recordings.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Users for an additional:

$9.99 /user /month