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Text To Speech

Easily create audio for voicemail greetings, call routes, voice prompts and more using our text to speech feature.

Bring your text to life with text to speech for hosted VoIP

With our powerful text to speech feature you can create audio to use with your hosted VoIP system in no time. We know it’s not always practical to hire a professional voice artist to record all the voice messaging for your IVR call menus or on-hold prompts. With that in mind, our text to speech engine enables you to simply input a text script which is instantly converted into high quality audio for use with your Cloud PBX.

Suitable for businesses of any size and for any situation. We provide a range of voice languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, English and more. Enjoy making your choice from a variety of voice actors and producing life-like voice recordings that exactly meet your needs. From your greetings and voice prompts, all the way through to your promotional or out of hours messaging, use this innovative audio solution to bring your text to life and easily build engagement with your callers on the phone. Move your company up to a Pro Account to take advantage of this hosted VoIP text to speech feature today.

  • Instantly create audio files that are available to use with your VoIP phone system.
  • Choose from a variety of options including voice type, language and actor.
  • Bring natural, life-like audio to life from text scripts of any length.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Accounts for:

$99.99 /month

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