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Advanced Call Queuing

Keep your customers and clients happy with our advanced call queuing VoIP phone system feature.

Advanced call queing via state-of-art hosted VoIP

Ensure you keep your customers and callers on the line with advanced call queuing features. Call queuing places your customers in an ordered queue making it easier for employees to manage calls when volumes might be higher than expected. This call queuing feature also helps manage caller expectations when phoning your business, with regular voice prompts notifying them of their position in the queue and custom on-hold music playlists. Once agents are free, calls are distributed to the available agent in the order they first called your company. Ensure you never miss a call again while still dealing with your customers efficiently and politely. To benefit from this business feature, move up to a Pro Account today.

  • Call queuing manages your callers and keeps them on the line until you are able to answer their call.
  • Easily create Queue Groups for different call queue configurations. Perfect if you run multiple businesses or brands from single or multiple locations.
  • Create queue notices for your inbound callers. Add audio files of your choice, create playlists, plus adjust frequency and caller wait times too.
  • Control ring strategies to choose whose phone will ring and in which order. Options include users that have answered the fewest calls, those that have been idle the longest, in sequential order and more.

This Enterprise VoIP feature is available to PRO Accounts for:

$99.99 /month

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