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Choosing a UK VoIP Provider

There are a lot of VoIP providers that advertise cheap calls, but what should you look for from your UK VoIP Service?

Things to consider when picking your VoIP service provider

Cut Monthly Service Costs with VoIP

Look at your current phone bill and work out how much you are paying for calls and additional services such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Caller ID and International Calls. Also consider the monthly line rental you are paying for having a physical phone line connected to your property.

Be sure you know what features you need and find a provider that can offer these and ensure reduced calls for you.

Is It A Contract-Free VoIP Solution?

Make sure you look at the details of any VoIP solutions that tie you into a contract with little flexibility. Look at the terms of service and understand the contract’s length and any early cancellation fees.

Consider your usage and business needs. If you are a growing company and will need more users, extensions, numbers or features in the future, make sure you are able to update these services without extending the contract. Compare call costs, call plans and services offered.

Reliability & VoIP Call Quality

Evaluate the quality of calls and reliability of the service. You need to be sure inbound callers experience the clearest calls when speaking to you. A good provider of VoIP will offer the chance to try before you purchase any call plan or package.

Ensure your internet connection is up to speed too. As a rough guide you will need at least 80 KBPs of upload and download speed per concurrent UK phone call. With an upload speed of 11 MBs you could potentially make around 137 concurrent calls.

Ease of VoIP setup

How easy is it to set up the service and can you start making VoIP calls straight after sign-up? Look for a provider that can offer a smooth and simple setup. One that doesn’t need an additional engineer, additional switchboard hardware, or their associated added costs.

If you need to get calling as soon as possible, a good service can be configured with a VoIP softphone and be easily available online. Setting up on a softphone app will enable calls to be made and received via your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Support & Satisfaction

With any service it is also important to be happy with the level of support offered to you. The best business VoIP providers will deliver amazing customer support whether you are a residential customer, growing startup or large multinational corporation.

Look for reviews of your chosen VoIP service provider online, drop them an email to see how fast their response times are or give them a call and see if they’re knowledgeable and friendly!

Phone Number Portability

You may have a phone number specific to your geographic location or familiar to your customer-base which you may not want to change.

Find out how easy it is to keep your existing number when moving to your new provider. Transferring your number is often known as ‘porting’. Talk to the VoIP provider before starting the service with them and be sure you are confident in their capability to deal with your phone number.

Easy Scalability For Your Business

If you are a growing UK business, it is vitally important that it is as easy as possible to add new devices or users to your phone service, which you should be able to do via an online dashboard. Gone are the days when an engineer was needed to fit a new phone line or extension.

Having a configurable online dashboard, means you won’t require a physical PBX (Private Branch Exchange) taking up space in the office. Look for a service that lets you add users at the click of a button and allows call plans to grow as your business does.

VoIP Phones & PBX Compatibility

If you already have a VoIP desk phone or on-premise PBX in your office, be sure these can be used with a new service. If you need to purchase VoIP hardware, check to see if there are any recommended brands that you should look to use.

Popular brands of IP phones include Grandstream, Yealink and Siemens Gigaset. Some brands may have been officially tested with the service so you can be confident they will work in partnership without issue.

Choosing Us As Your UK VoIP Solution

We give you a huge range of features and phone numbers all included within a low monthly cost. Our state-of-the-art VoIP platform provides crystal clear calls using a fraction of internet bandwidth and call quality is often even better than older ISDN landlines.

We supply a user interface that’s accessible from anywhere online, we don’t tie you into a contract, and you can even customise call plans at any time. Yay!

  • Meg is extremely knowledgeable and has a very a friendly approach too. Thanks for all your help. A 5 star service. Thank you.Amena

  • Excellent service and support from Yay. Had a few issues on the account and Konnor from their support team was able to rapidly sort them for me and kept me advised every step of the way. The issues were fairly minor but needed resolution and it's great to work with a company that responds so quickly, actually talks to you on the phone as well as by email and most importantly - fixes the issue quickly and when they say they will. Kieran

  • Yay are consistently flawless. As a small but expanding ISP, we chose Yay to provide a reliable and feature-rich VoIP service to accompany our fibre-to-the-home broadband service. Yay offers all the flexibility that we needed in terms of product features, ease of use, compatibility with SIP endpoints and convenient API access to control all areas of one's account. Their support team is what really sets them apart from the competition. Any query is dealt with quickly and efficiently and almost always by the first person that you speak to, all of the team are so knowledgeable in all areas and can resolve or advise on any questions themselves without needing to put you on hold or escalate to anyone else. We're confident that Yay will continue to meet our needs as we expand to hundreds and eventually thousands of customers.Robert

  • Absolutely fantastic customer service. Always there to provide fantastic support and advice over the phone or via email. The best company I have ever experienced in the communications world. Eddie

  • The team were exceptionally supportive in getting our team's VOIP service transferred from our previous supplier and also in helping us set up new users and hardware as and when needed. The VOIP service itself is miles ahead of our previous supplier in terms of quality and reliability and the intuitiveness of the online user interface makes it easy for us to manage changes and get the most out of the services functionality on a day to day basis. It's also well worth checking out the new mobile app which is incredibly easy to set up and use and again far better than alternatives third party solutions we have tried.Matthew

  • I am very pleased with the customer service received by Victoria and Jez. They got my account up and running in no time, were friendly and followed necessary procedures to ensure remains recommended by many. Not to mention the simplicity of the platform and fantastic functionality. BlessingsCurt

  • Having someone like Victoria on the phone, knowledge and patience made a good impression and the difference , Reading other good reviews, I knew I was on the right path.Highly recommended ! Flexible service, allows to grow with you. Well done Yay and Thank you !CARLOS

  • I called in as I needed some help with the routing and setting up of voicemail and they were absolutely fantastic. Top notch service. Thanks!Stuart

  • First of all I've been with yay for a most w years and the voip service is outstanding. No dropouts. These guys really go the exra mile in resolving problems. Email or by phone their response in promp without fail. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 5 STARS...Imran

  • Yay has been offer very efficient and kind services at a super economical price. My help requests were all responded and solved very timely.Ming

  • We have now been happy YAY.COM customers for nearly a year. Everything about their service is recommendable. Setup went smoothly with plenty of friendly skilled support from Various tech support staff. Since switching to YAY.COM our telecoms costs have halved. The couple of times since then that we've contacted them for support they've sorted the problem quickly and helpfully, including the other day when I phoned to ask for their help with a problem with our phone line provider - so not a YAY.COM problem - and they came through for us quickly and efficiently. Can't fault them!Richard

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