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Poynting OMNI-403 Omni-Directional LTE Marine Antenna

Poynting's OMNI-403 is a wide band LTE antenna with SAN Marine ASA radome material which is specifically designed for adverse marine & coastal environments. This antenna uses a standard 1-inch (14 TPI) marine mount for simplified installation to most standard marine attachments. The antenna is designed for superior pattern control over the entire frequency range, making the OMNI-403 an exceptional omni-directional antenna for its size and application.

The OMNI-403 covers all contemporary LTE operating frequencies with excellently balanced gain across all frequencies, enhancing LTE performance features, such a multi carrier aggregation (CA). This antenna is suitable on all 5G networks up to 2700 MHz.

This marine antenna is ideal for even the most sever storms at sea, with an IP68 rating again water and full saltwater and UV protection. Although the antenna is designed for marine applications, it can also be used for commercial, industrial, residential and urban implementation.

For further information about using the OMNI-403 in marine settings, read our blog!

Poynting OMNI-403 Antenna Key Highlights

  • Frequency bands: 698-960 MHz | 1710-2700 MHz
  • Peak Gain: 5 dBi
  • Connector Type: N-type female
  • Polarisation: Linear Vertical
  • UV and salt-water resistant
  • Robust and weather resistant


  • Marine applications include yachts, boats and ferries
  • Enhanced LTE Reception
  • IoT and M2M
  • Poor data signal reception
  • Improve data transmission connection reliability and stability
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