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Poynting MIMO-3-V2-15 Transportation and Automotive Omni MIMO Antenna

This Poynting MIMO-3-V2-15 is a high performance 5-in-1 antenna system within a single housing, providing 2x Cellular, 2x Wi-Fi and 1x GPS/GLONASS. This antenna is specifically designed for the transportation and marine industries. The 2x Cellular MIMO antennas (for 2G/3G/4G) cover the contemporary 690MHz to 2700MHz bands, as well as the new emerging LTE and 5G spectrum for 450MHz and 3.5GHz CBRS bands, which is becoming popular across the various international cellular network operators for LTE.

Due to its wide band capabilities, the MIMO-3-V2-15 antenna can be used across different operators and provides two separate dual-band Wi-Fi antennas with 2x2 MIMO capability. The fifth antenna is a high-performance active GPS/GLONASS system operating down to -40 degrees. Also, the radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good radiation abilities at the desired elevation.

The MIMO-3-V2-15 is designed with an internal ground plane, making this antenna suitable for implementation on all surface types.

Product dimensions (L x W x D): 253 mm x 120 mm x 151 mm

For further information see our blog about MIMO solutions.

MIMO-3-V2-15 Key Highlights

  • 5-in-1 high performance multi frequency 2G/3G/4G/LTE antenna (5G Ready)
  • Ground plane independent
  • GPS/Glonass
  • MIMO performance in both Wi-Fi (dual band) and cellular bands
  • Ultra-wideband
  • Cellular Frequency Bands: 410 - 470 MHz | 690 - 960 MHz | 1710 - 2170 MHz | 2300 - 2500 MHz | 2500 - 2700 MHz | 3400 - 3800 MHz
  • Wi-Fi Frequency Bands: 2400 - 2500 MHz (2.4 - 2.5 GHz) | 5000 - 6000 MHz (5 - 6 GHz)
  • Cellular Max Gain: 5.8 dBi
  • Wi-Fi Max Gain: 7 dBi
  • GPS Max Gain: 21 dBi
  • Corrosion/Water/Dust Resistance (IP68)
  • Multi mounting options for easy installation
  • 2m Factory Mounted Coax Cable
  • Connector type: SMA (Male) - factory mounted
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