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Cisco ATA 192 Multiplatform Analog Telephone Adapter

The Cisco ATA 192 Multiplatform Analogue Telephone Adapter converts traditional telephone, fax, and overhead paging communication equipment into IP devices, offering cost-effectiveness. Designed to work with third-party call control systems, this analogue adapter enables users to protect and extend their existing systems without the need for major investment.

The Cisco ATA 192 is suitable for customers looking to bring traditional analogue devices into the IP world, with the ATA 192 you can connect to enterprise networks, small offices or cloud-based solutions via two integrated standard FXS ports which can be configured independently as two SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) registrations. The ATA 192 also has two 100BASE-T ports with an integrated high-performance router to extend local network connectivity.

ATA 192 Key Highlights

  • 2 x Standard FXS ports
  • 2 x 100BASE-T ports
  • Integrated high-performance router
  • Works with third-party call control systems
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