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DrayTek ANT-1005 High-Gain Antenna

Product Description

The DrayTek ANT-1005 is a replacement aerial (antenna) for 2.4GHz (Single-Band) DrayTek routers and wireless access points. It provides up to a 5dBi gain (vs. the 2 or 3 dBi standard aerial supplied with the product).

The ANT-1005 is supplied as a set of 3 antennae.

The ANT-1005 can increase coverage in your environment, creating a stronger signal for your WiFi coverage. A high-gain aerial achieves this by creating a narrower and therefore more concentrated radiation pattern. It is still an omnidirectional aerial, i.e. signal radiates in all directions (360 degrees) perpendicular to the aerial's length. The ANT-1005 Aerial twists and tilts at it's base, allowing optimum coverage and speed.

DrayTek ANT-1005 Antenna Key Highlights

  • High-Gain Aerial
  • Can improve range and coverage of wireless signal
  • Suitable for all DrayTek routers & access Points
  • Frequency Range : 2400-2500Mhz
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Optional magnetic/extension base (ANT-BAS1)

£30.99 inc VAT

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Manufacturer Part Number: ANT-1005

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