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2N Wedge Backplate 9155072

Product Description

The 2N Wedge Backplate 9155072 enhances coverage of areas in front of entry doors when used with the 2N® IP Verso and 2N®LTE Verso security intercoms.

The backplate is wall-mounted, and its 25°angle offers better visual coverage of the area in front of the entry door by minimising the blind spot area between the edge of the camera angle and the wall. The 9155072 backplate is only suitable for the surface installation of the double-module versions of the 2N® IP Verso and 2N® LTE Verso intercoms.

2N Wedge Backplate 9155072 Key Highlights

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Universal – can be used to tilt left or right
  • Space for the connection cables
  • Wall-mountable
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