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Browser-Based Web Phone

Free browser-based softphone for VoIP calls. Bleeding-edge technology makes calling through the latest web browsers available to you.

Softphone for use with our hosted voip service

Get a free web based softphone with which to make phone calls directly through your web browser. This webphone solution is ideal if you find yourself away from your office for a period of time, or you just want to start using our hosted VoIP service straight away without the need to purchase any additional VoIP phones or hardware. For low cost local or international VoIP calls, the Yay.com softphone is a great way to get started. Just fire up your tablet, smartphone or desktop computer with the latest web browser and start calling today.

Not compatibile with iOS, Safari and older versions of Internet Explorer

  • No extra VoIP software or hardware needed to make calls - launch instantly from within your web browser
  • Uses the latest WebRTC technology for state-of-the-art calling.
  • Easily add users and extensions for effortless office communications.
  • Softphone for use with our hosted voip service
  • Softphone for use with our hosted voip service