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VoIP & Domains reseller accounts explained

Here is a breakdown to explain how billing works in your VoIP & Domains reseller account.

Getting Started with your VoIP & Domains reseller account

VoIP reseller

How do I start selling on my White Label VoIP & Domains Store?

To start selling SIP Users, Phone Numbers, hosted VoIP services or Domains on your new White Label Store, you will first need to make sure you have credit in your Yay.com account. Purchases from your store are deducted from this account, and if it is empty, the purchase will fail.

You can check your Yay.com account balance by logging into My Dashboard and looking at the top right or the page. There is also a Top Up link here to add credit.

VoIP reseller account balance

The reason we take payments from your Yay.com account rather than taking it directly from your customer is for fraud protection.

VoIP reseller white label store

So if you deduct purchases from my VoIP & Domains reseller account, how do I make money?

Here's how it works

As a VoIP & Domains reseller you have 2 account balances. A Yay.com account balance and a White Label Store balance

Yay.com Balance

This is your outgoing account. Any purchases made from your store will be deducted from here.

Keep this topped up!

VoIP reseller

White Label Store Balance

This is your incoming account. When your customer purchases an item or service, the money will be deposited here.

Let's look at a typical purchase flow, to break down the stages, and explain how you make money.

1. Purchase

  • hosted VoIP signup

    A customer (Jane) is impressed with your hosted VoIP service an decides to sign up!

  • PAYG VoIP service purchase

    She opts for a PAYG VoIP service with 1 x SIP User and 1 x Phone Number.

  • VoIP service total payment

    Her total payment for this service is £3.98

2. Payment

  • VoIP reseller account balance

    When Jane clicks to make payment, we automatically check your balance to make sure it is in credit. In this scenario you have £25.00 credit, so all is well!

    If you had no credit, Jane's purchase would fail.

  • VoIP reseller account balance

    For every customer who purchases a SIP User, we charge you £0.49

    For every customer who purchases a standard phone number, we charge you £0.49

  • VoIP reseller account total deduction

    Based on Jane's purchase, your Yay.com account is charged £0.98 leaving you with £24.02

3. Processing

  • VoIP reseller account billing options

    Depending on your chosen Billing Option you will incur a small fee for processing payments.

  • VoIP reseller account processing fee

    If you want Yay.com to process payments for you, we charge 6.9% of the total payment. In this case Jane’s total was £3.98.

  • VoIP reseller store balance

    After deducting the processing fee from Jane’s total payment, we are left with £3.71. This is deposited directly into your White Label Store Balance

4. Profit

  • VoIP reseller store balance

    Jane’s order is now complete and her payment has been deposited in your White Label Store account.

  • VoIP reseller profit

    If we deduct the payment taken from your Yay.com Balance, from the deposit amount, we are left with the profit made from this customers purchase.

  • VoIP reseller account total profit

    So your total profit after payments & processing fees for Jane’s order is £2.73

Of course the amount of profit you make is up to you. This example shows the default pricing your customers will see when they visit your store. But you can change these by editing your stores Product Rates and Call Rates.

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ISO 27001 Business Continuity Accreditation ISO 22301 Business Continuity Accreditation Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance G-Cloud accredited by the Crown Commercial Service