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What is VoIP?

Porting your phone number to a new VoIP provider

If you’re changing your VoIP provider or leaving your traditional landline to move to our service, you need not worry about losing your current phone number. Whatever the number, whether a London phone number or geographic, it's easy to keep when you move over to us.

Changing numbers which your friends or customers are used to could be problematic, that’s why we take care of the transfer or ‘porting’ process for you. Simply add the phone number you want to switch to us, pick a VoIP call plan and check out. We’ll do the rest!

Yay.com VoIP Service

Things to know before your transfer

  • What numbers can I transfer?

Currently we can transfer numbers beginning 01 & 02 over to Yay.com.

if you have 03 or 08 numbers you can still use our VoIP service, you will just need to forward your phone number to a number on your Yay.com account.

  • How much does a transfer cost?

Transfer cost £19.99 + VAT per number, per submission.

Each number must be submitted for transfer along with proof of ownership. If any of the details supplied are incorrect this can cause the submission process to fail.

If this happens you will need to re-submit the transfer and will be charged again.

  • How long does a transfer take?

Normally a phone number transfer will take between 8 - 20 days to port to Yay.com, but this depends on the provider and whether you are using a single or multi-line service.

We contact and liaise the transfer as quickly as we can but your current provider dictates the date of the transfer.

How do I transfer my phone number?

In order to transfer a number to Yay.com we require you to supply 3 forms of identity to verify you are the current owner. You must supply ALL documents or we will be unable to transfer your number!

  • Ownership

    Proof of Ownership

    eg: Mobile Phone bill, Telephone Bill for the number in question, dated in the last three months.

    The document must show the phone number you want transferred along with the name and address of the current owner. If this is different to the installation details or your Yay account, just let us have that extra info via email too.

    Upload your documents now
  • Ownership

    Proof of Identity

    eg: Photographic nationally recognised ID, such as Driving License or Passport

    Why do we need this? We require someone to be responsible for your account and to validate them as a real person. Usually this would be the person who registered with Yay.com

    Upload your documents now
  • Ownership

    Proof of address

    eg: Mobile Utility Bill, dated in the last three months

    This address can be Business or Personal but must match the address on your account, identity or ownership document

    Upload your documents now

Important note!To successfully transfer your number we MUST have the postcode of the FIRST office or house where your number was provisioned. That may not match the documents you supply. Click here to read more.

    • How do I start a phone number transfer?

    All you need to to do is enter the number(s) you wish to transfer at the link below, complete payment for the transfer and then upload the 3 forms of identity from your Yay.com dashboard. We take care of everything else!

    Enter the first number you wish to transfer to Yay.com

    • What happens next?

    Once you have submitted your number for transfer and uploaded the 3 forms of identity you will then receive the following updates via email. During this transfer your number will continue to work as before, meaning there is no downtime.






    If there are any issues or problems with identity documents one of the dedicated porting team with contact you directly to make sure the transfer process goes as smoothly as possible.

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